Rock Band Blitz Avatar Items (6 shirts) - 360.

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    Thats just precious.
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    I think buying avatar clothes is the dumbest thing ever. That said, I may just pick up that Psychedelic tee if I happen to find myself wiith too many points.
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    I'm a bit bummed these were released on the Marketplace. They seem quite perfect for Avatar Awards obtainable in the game, and the number even makes sense for that purpose (3x each gender).

    Not that the game isn't enough of a steal already, but including these as unlockables in the game just seems pretty much natural. Blitz Logo shirt for starting up the game (or playing These Days), Power-up shirt unlocked together with the achievement for unlocking all the Power-ups, psychedelic for 10k Blitz Cred or getting Gold Stars on all songs.
    It's almost like they were designed for that purpose, and I'd probably wear the psychedelic one if it was unlockable within the game, but alas, I'm not interested in shelling out 80MSP for a shirt, when I could buy a song for the same price.
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