The TAG Rock Band Network $1 DLC sale!

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For the new members of the community that don't venture into the RBN section of the forums (or even know what that is) :

ALL of our songs will be on sale for $1!

That's right. Every single one of our over 170 tracks are all going to be $1 for the next 90 days.

So if there's some of our tracks that you thought man I'd buy that if only it wasn't $2, then this is the sale for you. Just act fast because at the end of the 90 days the $2 tracks will go back to their original prices.

Just our small way of welcoming the new members of the Rock Band Community, and make the hard choices of how can I purchase all these songs in these tough economic times just a little easier.

Anyone that needs to see charts or hear the songs can do so by searching for them on our youtube channel here :

For those needing a list of the songs in our library :
Go to

Search: ThatAuthoringGroup and you'll see everything we currently have available.


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