DLC load freeze :(

GirlInGrayGirlInGray Unsigned
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Apologies if someone already posted this about this, I took a look and didn't find anything...

Blitz takes an extremely long time to load my DLC. Is this just a one-time, initial load kind of thing? It's on 4 bars and has already taken 10 minutes to get there. I'm logged in on the XBL account I bought both Blitz and the DLC on.


  • Skippy DeluxeSkippy Deluxe Unsigned
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    Yes, it's a one-time thing. It's just like RB3: the first time it will take quite a long time to build your song cache. Every time after that will be much faster. It can take a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of songs. Just be patient, it will finish eventually.
  • Tom ImpTom Imp Road Warrior
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    Actually, I tried this just to test it out and the loading of songs seems to be the same every time you start the game. It's not as bad as it is on RB3, but it certainly isn't like one of the HMX employees described as being a "one time deal".

    Maybe it is for the XBox players, but for us on the PS3, it loads all the songs every time and takes the same amount of time to do so.
  • Skippy DeluxeSkippy Deluxe Unsigned
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    Yes, I should note that I only have experience with the Xbox version and how it detects DLC. GirlInGray was talking about the XBLA version though. I should also note that it will still go through a 'discovering DLC' phase on subsequent startups that will still have you waiting for a few seconds, however it won't take nearly as long as it does the first time.
  • VyktorXVyktorX Unsigned
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    10 minutes and I'm halfway ... :P Ill wait.
  • NightmareLyreNightmareLyre Rising Star
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    Oh boy... suddenly I regret having 1k songs in my library... well, just gotta hope for the best I guess.
  • espherespher Road Warrior
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    Took me forty minutes this morning. I have 2,153 songs (911 pieces of content)

    Then, as it seemed to hit about 80%, my XBL connection got killed, and I reconnected + backed out to sign back in (as the game suggests).

    It started over. Thirty-five minutes, repeat of the above.

    Third time, another forty minutes. I said "[expletive] it" and played in offline mode for a bit. Apparently that saved my content list, so it loads in about 30s now.

    So, yeah. Don't back out after that first build, even if you lost your connection.
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