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Maybe I'm just not seeing it right but I'm linked up to the fb app and I see that there are 3 Community goals under the "Your Badge Count" portion of Goals. I haven't actually been able to complete any other goals yet (only played 1 song before having to run off to work) but is there a way to see a list of my completed goals? I'm quite curious what these Community goals were and hope to be able to go back after awhile and see all I've accomplished.


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    As best as I can tell, your history only shows goals for which you earned coins. So while you 'completed' every Community goal, if you made no actual personal contribution towards it you earned no coins for it so it doesn't get logged in your tally of completed goals. (It probably also shouldn't increment your badge count, and it wouldn't surprise me if they change/fix that so you only get a community-goal badge if you contributed to a community goal - because as it is right now everyone gets every badge and it's really only a measure of how long you've had a linked RBW account rather than actual participation).

    As HMXHenry indicated earlier, you get a % of any goal's pot equal to the % of the required stars you contributed towards the goal being met.
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    If you look a the "Full Goal List" under the goals tab in the App, any completed goals will show up under a "Completed" header.

    You will also get a Facebook notification that you completed them, and at the top of the Goal Overview page (the first one you'll see) we show a short summary of your recently completed goals, along with how many coins you won for each.
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    Hey there,

    I have been trying to join the Let's All Play Metal goal together with some of the Solo goals. But even after playing an alternative song 5 stars nothing has happened with the Solo Alternative goal. I still see the songs on my rockband.com profile page.

    Please tell my why my progress is not being added.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: Playing on the Wii
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    After reading the community goal a bit better I understand now the songs should have been available in RockBand Blitz to be added to the goal. Does the same apply to the Solo goals?
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