Downloading Blitz on multiple xboxes

einstriggereinstrigger Unsigned
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I just purchased Blitz on my home console. am I able to use the download (at the main menu) on my friend's Xbox signed under my xbox gamertag? I fear that its a one time download linked with the console and gamertag.


  • HamKetHamKet Opening Act
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    Yes. The game follows the standard Xbox licensing rules.

    Download the game and soundtrack on your console. Then download them both again with your gamertag (via your download history) on your friend's console.

    If you skip the first part, his console will be tied to the game or soundtrack, and not yours.

    You and he won't be able to play the game on his console without you being signed into LIVE, though.
  • einstriggereinstrigger Unsigned
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    okay, great. it sounds exactly how typical RB DLC works. thanks.
  • SudobyteSudobyte Unsigned
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    All XBOX Downloadable stuff, AFAIK, follows the same rules: First console it's downloaded on can play it regardless of who's signed in, and other consoles can play it only if the owner is logged in. Meaning if you download it first on a friends Xbox, then he can play it without you, and you can effectively both have it (also good fro making sure you and a friend always have the same DLC, just download it on the other's box first). You can change the Xbox that "owns" something by doing a license transfer, but it transfers everything you've bought to the Xbox in question and can only be done so often.
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