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If you don't have any bands in your sig, put some bands in your post!


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    Most of those bands I either haven't heard of or have had the displeasure of hearing. Then again, not a big fan of metalcore. 2 of 10.

    Now the real fun begins, how people would rate the bands in my signature.
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    Bathory, I listened to: Sacrifice, A Fine Day to Die, and The Sword. Overall good. I liked A Fine Day to Die the most.

    Bal Sagoth, I listened to: Witch-Storm, Battle Magic, and The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire. Overall OK from what I've heard so far, can't say I'm really impressed. My favourite is a bit of a tie between the first and last song I heard of theirs.

    Amorphis, I listened to: Black Winter Day, Separated, and Thousand Lakes. Overall very good, if not great. I enjoyed a lot of the first song I heard by them, the other two were also good, but not as good. I now need to pick up the album where the first and third song are from.

    Emperor, I listened to: I Am the Black Wizards, The Wanderer, The Source of Icon E. Overall very good, very atmospheric. I think I liked The Source of Icon E the most, but the other songs were consistently good as well. I'd almost guess that King Diamond did guest vocals on some parts of The Source of Icon E, and that's a good thing.

    Enslaved, I listened to: Loke, Daudningekvida, and Isa. Overall very good. I can't decide between the first two songs for most liked.

    Anyways here it is, I only did three bands, so the next person doesn't have to look up as much.
  • Henry_SardonicusHenry_Sardonicus Rising Star
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    Sigh: Listened to Scarlet Dream. It's pretty weird, but I'm definitely digging the groove. Pretty damn awesome.

    Watain: Stellarvore. Not the biggest Black Metal band. Never got its appeal. This is pretty silly.

    Blind Guardian: Don't need to listen. Blind Guardian is straight awesome.

    And now, a break from metal...
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    Henry_Sardonicus;4872878 said:

    And now, a break from metal...
    Pavement: The one band in your signature I'm not a fan of. I like "Gold Soundz" and bits and pieces of other songs, but that's really it.

    Nick Cave: I like The Birthday Party more than his solo material. Still great, though.

    Mars Volta: The stuff I love, I love.

    They Might Be Giants: One of my all-time favorite bands for the past 10+ years.

    Eels: "Souljacker" was one of the songs that originally turned me onto music when I wasn't at all a music fan. They have a special place in my heart.
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    All I see in your sig is Devo, and I am not a big fan of them. Whip It is probably my least favorite song in RB3. The one in RB2 wasn't all that bad, but still not what I generally like.

    I have strange bands in my sig.
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    Katy Perry - I'd take some Katy Perry songs. Fingerprints would actually be a lot of fun. I don't really want anything on the radio by her though.

    Dream Theater - One of my favorite songs ever is "The Dark Eternal Night" I think I'd lose my mind if it came to Rock Band. I kind of differ because I'm not a fan of their Epics. Octivarium doesn't do it for me. Neither does Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence.

    Shinedown - Not really a fan. The only song I like by them is Devour, which is already in Rock Band.

    Megadeth - We already have a ton. but I'd be super stoked if Sweating Bullets came. damn GH.

    RHCP - Not a fan. and we have so much already..
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