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So I got RBB last night (PS3), and am having some issues I don't see being reported here. So it must be my setup, though I can't imaging what would cause this.

Two main issues:

1) When I try to calibrate audio/video, the drum hit to which I need to calibrate does not play. At all. It's completely silent, no matter how loud I pump the volume.

2) Bass tracks *usually* also have no audio. Though intermittently I get audio, it's rare.

So nobody else is experiencing this? Any ideas?


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    Those symptoms suggest it's trying to output multichannel audio, and the centre channel isn't getting through at all.

    (In a multichannel setup, drums and bass, usually being mono stems, tend to be sent to the centre speaker - vocals and guitar are usually stereo, so go to the left and right speakers).

    Do you have a surround sound system?

    It'll be some sort of misconfiguration of the audio settings, either in the PS3 XMB, or your external audio amplifier.

    Oh, and do you have Rock Band 3, by the way? I'd expect Blitz to behave the same way as that, but if RB3 is working fine, it's something more weird.
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    Thanks, this actually gives me a few ideas. Yeah, I have it running through an Onkyo TX-SR608 that recently stopped sending audio through the speakers. Going to send it off soon, but meanwhile, it's serving as a video switch and passthrough audio.

    I played w/ the audio settings last night, and didn't have much luck, but don't think I tried the receiver's surround settings. Also, I'm not sure if/how these affect passthrough audio.

    Anyway, sounds like I definitely have a unique situation, so I'll just have to mess w/ it or wait until I get the receiver fixed (or get a new one).
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    Yes, it definitely has something to do with that center output, given your symptoms. You may need to know more about audio, but there ought to be some audio settings somewhere that can fix it.
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    Although the plot thickens - it appears that (at least for me on PS3) Blitz doesn't use the centre channel in songs. Although it may do for calibration, as in-song sound effects come from it.

    Which doesn't really tally with your report.

    Do report back if you figure it out...
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    Minor revision - it actually does use the centre channel for mono stems. The one song I'd tested with before that last post must have just had 2-channel ones.
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    I figured out what this was, after shipping my receiver off ruling that out. Since my tv has limited settings, I thought it had to be somehow related to the ps3.

    I finally tried adjusting the ps3 audio settings, and realized that it was still stuck on my original receiver multichannel settings. Once I let it auto-detect the proper channels, it figured out it was connected to a 2-channel tv, and set it to the proper audio configuration.

    Now it works.
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