A Punny night of Blitz.

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I was just texting my friend about Blitz and somehow I started something that could not be contained. The following conversation is real and full of puns, proceed with caution... (iPhone style format, I'm on the right)

[RIGHT]You try out Blitz yet? :)[/RIGHT]

I only have 1080 Microsoft points...

[RIGHT]Does being short on points make you wanna... Shout?

Or can you do without?[/RIGHT]

I feel like I'm dying on 2 legs...

[RIGHT]So close yet so far away.[/RIGHT]

I'm be standing in one week

[RIGHT]So you'll have it one of these days?[/RIGHT]

Well what doesn't kill me (makes me stronger)

[RIGHT]Always true.[/RIGHT]

Someday I'll sing and raise my glass to the rock band blitz. In my pumped up kiks

[RIGHT]At $15 for 25 songs, they practically give it away.[/RIGHT]

No. They charge $15 to the kids in the street.

[RIGHT]Yeah those kids play in a band. They even have a Spoonman in their group.[/RIGHT]

They jungle boogie pretty well with Jessie's girl

[RIGHT]Jessie doesn't like Rock Band. I just think she hasn't had a chance to shine.[/RIGHT]

She needs diamond eyes!

[RIGHT]I will say though, on the dance floor she moves like Jagger.[/RIGHT]

She needs a little less sixteen candles though for her cult of personality.

[RIGHT]What she NEEDS is a new plate in her skull. She keeps banging her head against the wall and I keep telling her it's bad for her metal health.[/RIGHT]

Her real problem is she's once bitten, twice shy.

[RIGHT]Yeah, her ex was Nicholas Cage. You know, he was in that movie The Wicker Man.

(We actually did it.)[/RIGHT]

Proof we are young at heart.


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