Community Rock Band Blitz Achievement/Trophy Guide.

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Post your strategies and/or songs that you got certain achievements or trophies for.

For the power-ups, I would choose a hard songs like "The Wicker Man".

For the 100% solo, I would choose "Give it Away", there are multiple solos, and pretty easy.

Never Better - If you're early on in the game hardly any powerups, and if you replay the same song later you should get it, or you can just mess up on a song and replay it.

"for the pinball achievement, you need to lose the pinball as well for it to count, so you cant do it on a 1 instrument track. i recommend downloading a 2 instrument track and only pay attention to the ball, not the notes " - jibjqrkl

For Good as Gold, a song with only one or two instruments is recommended.

For the 5/Gold star trophies, use "Road rage/blast notes and hit more notes"- www1221

I will replace strategies with better ones throughout the thread.


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