Max group size?? huh?

monto1985monto1985 Opening Act
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I don't get that part of the goals on the facebook application. I thought blitz was supposed to be a solo game.

Also some goals give you the option to ask friends for help? what does that mean?
Hopefully means that they get stars you need on that song you don't own.

any thoughts on this, my friends?


  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
    edited August 2012
    exactly what you think, anyone can join your group through facebook and "help" out. only problem for you is that they also get a bit of your coins! so you better do those goals quick if you dont want people stealing your moneyz!

    and yes, they can do the songs you dont have and they will count towards your goal! (but they will get the coins for 1 song then.)
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