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  • Haven't really been paying attention to this year's list though I did read that there are 5 Seahawks so far. As for the Arizona players, I'd be surprised if David Johnson & Patrick Peterson aren't on this list. Johnson was seemingly their entire offense at times last season and Peterson is one of the top 5 Corners in the game based on a conservative estimate.
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    maybe Austin Davis will be better than Charlie Whitehurst ...
  • Doubt it. Whitehurst has better hair. Though they're both replacement level QBs who would look like good QBs with the Falcons offensive weapons but would get killed behind Seattle's anemic o-line. Davis will be better then Charlie Frye though.
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    that's setting the bar exceptionally low, my friend. :D
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    I'm kind of surprised david Johnson didn't make the top 10. he led the NFL in yards from scrimmage and touchdowns and set an NFL record for 15 consecutive 100 yard games in one season. I think its because he plays on the cardinals and for the longest time they have been the west coast browns.
  • that's setting the bar exceptionally low, my friend. :D

    True but Davis did get cut by the Browns after being cut by the Rams twice. Plus Clipboard Jesus did play well (for a career clipboard holder) in the win and clinch the division game in 2010 that lead to the Beastquake game happening the following week (with Hasselbeck back from injury mind you).

    That being said, doubt Davis is on the roster at the start of the regular season unless Trevone Boykin's off the field issues potentally leads to jail time or bad injuries happen to Boykin or Wilson.
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    Always nice to see somebody has been following the team for a while, and not just recently!
  • If I didn't hate the pick of Malik McDowell at the time of the Seahawks using their first pick on him in the 2nd round back in April's draft, I certainly hate it after hearing about this story a few days ago. Talk about a disaster of a pick. Some speculation is he could miss the year due to his ATV accident.
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    at least the seahawks extended chancellors contract, so they have that going for them. on an unrelated note. I'm looking forward to seeing the cards play tomorrow night, even if it only a preseason game. (if I wasn't such an introvert I would even consider seeing it in person since I live a few dozen miles away)
  • The extension of Cancellor's contract was a smart move. At least they won't have a hold out like 2 seasons ago weakening their secondaries. ET's health is the only potential question mark between the main 3 LOB members and the CB playing opposite Sherman seems to be a different one every year since Maxwell left years ago (not a surprise).
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    so I watched the first half of the game last night, and I must say, if their backups have that much talent then this will be a great year for the cardinals, as long as everyone stays healthy.

    yean it was against the cowboys backup squad with no gameplan in place, but the timing gabbert has with a team hes been on for mere months is noticeable.
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    You should prolly modify the title of this thread since it is only about NFL anymore, and then it's about the Seahawks mostly.
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    well this article shows the insanity of the world today

    I guess people don't realize that in life if you cant perform your job, you don't get that job. (did people forget about the game last year where he had a whopping 4 passing yards the whole game?)
  • Kaepernick will get signed at some point this season. It'll take a team losing their franchise QB to an injury for them to sign Kaepernick or a back-up situation looking really dire for him to get signed. I'd be shocked if he was never in the NFL again considering that Michael Vick got signed by an NFL team after what he did and murdering dogs was worse than protesting the National Anthem (something that other NFL players on rosters currently are still doing) and Tim Tebow kept getting signed in spite of the fact that his arm strength and throwing motion should've prevented him from even getting an NFL tryout at QB (though Tebow could've been a good fullback or tight end if he cared about being an NFL player instead of only wanting to be a QB). Even Ryan Leaf got 2nd chances with multiple teams after flaming out with the Chargers.

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    Kaepernick is getting unjustly black-balled by NFL teams because he is a black man in a traditional white man role, QB, and he dared to speak the truth about America with a non-violent, silent, and perfectly selected protest.

    Don't believe me? Just check out the black running backs and linemen that continue to have roster spots who are doing the same type of protest.
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    playing the race card is never a good option. to say that because he is black is the reason is not a quarterback flies in the face of people like warren moon and Michael vick. the only reason he does not have a roster spot is because of all the media attention he is getting and teams not wanting to deal with that kind of distraction.

    several teams went though this with Tim tebow as well and eventually the jets took a chance on him but he couldn't get on the same page as the rest of the offense so he didn't do well.

    I do agree though that kaepernick will play sometime this season because injuries do happen, but sometimes people just need to calm down and let things play out, its as if they cant control their emotions or something
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    Tim Tebow is a white QB who couldn't play yet continued to get signed to team after team.
  • so since I like verifying statements I make with facts. heres a good story

    to change the subject, any surprising cuts on your favorite team? for me it would have to be chris Johnson. I guess age finally caught up with him.
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    Biggest Seahawks roster move from this weekend that surprised me was trading Jermaine Kearse to the Jets for Sheldon Richardson, mainly for the fact that the Jets should've asked for more than that for Richardson.

    I'd also say that Austing Davis making the 53 man roster was a surprise... ...if not for Trevon Boykin being terrible this preseason on the field.
  • Also, with opening week of NCAA football, surprised that the Badgers looked terrible in the first half of their game vs. Utah State, even more shocked when I saw they still blew them out at the end.
  • Also, with opening week of NCAA football, surprised that the Badgers looked terrible in the first half of their game vs. Utah State, even more shocked when I saw they still blew them out at the end.

    I could say the same thing about Ohio State, although Indiana has been getting better over the years
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    I let out a hearty sigh after Texas A&M blew their lead.
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    so Michael Bennett was called out for lying about the cops, well see how this plays out

    had to remove link cause it contains questionable language sorry
  • How about that Patriots-Chiefs game. New England lost bad at the end of that one.
  • I'm actually glad new England lost, they need a little humility lol

    cant wait to see what happens with the cardinals lions game
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    well, the Seahawks looked good defensively for most of the game, until they just got tired. Earl Thomas looks good coming off that nasty injury last season, and overall I have good feelings about the Defense if they stay healthy.

    But what a bore - it didn't look like the offense has any type of rhythm, and the offensive line was struggling to do squat given they couldn't provide much protection for Wilson.

    Not sure what to think of the Rams yet, considering the Colts played horribly and have no Luck (ba-dump-tiss!) but they put up some points and could be a threat in the West?

    NFC East will probably be lopsided in Dallas' favor again, but I can't stand Dallas so I hope the Birds can rise back to glory.

    I Kind of felt bad for the Texans after their big pregame celebration with J J Watt - waving the Texas flag and getting the whole place amped - only to get destroyed by the ... Jaguars?

    Interesting day
  • I was at that Seahawks-Packers game in person. From the seeing eye test of watching that game in person I could say that the Seahawks D (d-line in particular) looked the best it's looked since 2013. The o-line is still an atrocious mess like it has been the past few years and the play calling was very suspect when the Seahawks were on offense. Not worried about the Seahawks yet, though if they lose to the 49ers at home on Sunday that may change.

    I will say that Seattle needs to bench/cut Jimmy Graham immediately. His terrible Darrell Jackson-Koren Robinson circa 2003 impression when attempting to catch the football f****** pissed me off way more than the final score of the game. Add that to his league worst attempt of run blocking and pass blocking and I can honestly say that I hate Jimmy Graham more now than ever before (and I already had a negative view of him prior to him being a Seahawk). The sooner he isn't playing the better the offense will oddly look (see the later end of the 2015 season).

    The Rams game would've been a shocker if not for the fact that the Colts are a dumpster fire of a team (which is what they deserve for tanking the 2011 season to get Andrew Luck).

    The Jaguars game was a shocker though. Not sold on Fournette's durability but his skills alone make him the best Jaguars running back since Maurice Jones-Drew in his prime. Their offense could be surprisingly good if they had a competent QB.

    Saw the ending to the Chargers-Broncos game; crazy how Denver almost let their opponents tie the game after being up by that many points. It almost reminded me of last year's Super Bowl. Also, it looks weird seeing "LAC" by the score when watching the Chargers play, almost made me think L.A. Clippers?!? a couple of times.
  • so disappointed david Johnson is out for most the season, but its good to see them resign chris Johnson, now they just need to stop making so many mental mistakes and they can win a few games this season, was not impressed with that first outing against the lions
  • what a strange day, the cardinals barely beat the colts and the seahawks barely beat the 49ers. on paper both of those games should have been blowouts.
  • Arizona still have quite the adjustment to David Johnson's injury. They will improve as they go along (assuming that Carson Palmer can still play at a high level).

    Seattle will be lucky to win any more games this season with that dumpster fire they insists is their o-line. Russell Wilson will probably sustain a season ending injury when they play the Rams in a few weeks (if not sooner). When that happens they might need to sign Kaepernick.

    Also, it seems like the Falcons are getting some officiating gifts that the Patriots or maybe Pittsburgh in Super Bowl 40 had gotten on that Sunday Night Game when watching that game.
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