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    the thing I really love about football at the professional level is the skill difference between the top 100 players and rest of the field isn't as huge as it appears to be. everyone on that field has a chance to make plays that can change the outcome of the game. a good example is the browns beating the patriots in new England. dont give up hope and realize that these games are played one week at a time. :)
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    word is the cardinals are going after sam Bradford, not happy with this choice, he cant stay healthy. at least he can fill in until they get a quartback trained to replace him next year. guess the cardinals will compete with the seahawks for number 1 pick next year
  • Cardinals will sweep that season series so long as David Johnson is healthy, otherwise one of those games will be a tie like that game a few years ago where neither kicker wanted to make the game wining field goal. Seattle's defense will be worse than Arizona's offense next season (though not as historically bad as Seattle's offense will be). Also, I assume that Mike Glennon and his weirdly narrow face will start at least a couple of games for Arizona this upcoming season after Bradford gets hurt.
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    all that work getting Michael Bennett and now he is being indicted for inuring a security guard at the super bowl. if found guilty its a felony and carries a 10 year prison sentence.

    some teams just cant catch a break...
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    That is a tough blow but the Eagles are only paying up to $2 million of his salary and only had to give up a special team player from their practice squad (well worth the risk is he isn't in an orange jumpsuit this season). In light of this news, the Seahawks were seemingly lucky now that they got a special team calliber payer from a practice squad although they're still on the hook for $7 million on their salary cap for a former player who could be in jail this season.
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    free agency is almost over and I was hoping the cardinals would have done more, but I guess not. next up, the draft!
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    I like their white uniform, but seeing how I don't see colors like most people do, i don't think the other uniforms look that bad. the light blue one is kind of weird though.
  • What I don't like about them is that dark blue helmet. If your uniforms are going to look too much like the Texans, you might as well get rid of the light blue and the rights to use the Oilers throwbacks and give those (along with the Oilers' history when in Houston) to the Texans so they can be the Oilers again. Even with that aside, they really should've switched the logo to this one and put this on their helmets instead of the flaming thumbtacks they currently still have. Hell, their current duds would've worked better with that logo as well.
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    cowboys just released dez Bryant. any guesses as to where he will end up? I'm gonna guess the browns because why not?
  • NFL schedule has finally been announced. Looking at it based off of NFL Free Agency I would say that Seattle might win 2 games on that schedule with how it's laid out, though more likely it'll be 1 win against an opponent they have no business beating while losing the games they "should" win on paper. Keep in mind that this prediction doesn't even take into account the draft or training camp/preseason football getting a better sense of how the teams actually are coming along. Hopefully Seattle does something good with the draft but with the stink of last year's draft still casting a shadow on this team (in the form of trading away a 2nd & 3rd round pick for 2 players that have very little to do with the future of the team) will make it very hard for them to strike gold with this draft.
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    ive seen some predictions from the "experts" and all they are going off of is whether these teams made the playoffs the year before. a lot of teams look drastically different than they did last year and more factors than that need to go into these predictions.

    my prediction for the cardinals is 8-8, they *can* go 12-4 with a few lucky plays, but well see.
  • A lot of head scratchers from day 1 of the draft. Cleveland got a high bust prone qb with the number 1 pick and a short corner at 4, Buffalo stupidly traded up twice in this draft, Arizona traded up for a QB that was falling big time and would've been there when they picked, and Green Bay trades back only to trade up to almost where they were just for a corner back. Also a lot of centers drafted in the 1st round.

    I will say that Seattle made a wise move trading back and getting a day 2 pick out of the Packers. Hope their running back pick is their best back since Marshawn Lynch played for them because otherwise that will hurt them more than last year's pick of the ATV riding fool that caused a chain reaction that led them to losing out on day 2 picks and cap space.
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    Arizona traded up to get Josh because of what happened last year. they wanted a qb last year but KC traded up to get the one they wanted and they didn't want a repeat of that this year. I'm excited to see what this kid can do with the receivers Arizona has now, and chances are he will be playing by their bye week cause I doubt Bradford is going to stay healthy that long.
  • Loved the pick of Shaquem Griffin in Round 5 for the Seahawks. He'll be the dynamic OLB/DE Leo Package player that they haven't really had since Bruce Irvin signed with the Raiders. The last time I felt this good about a Seahawks draft pick was when they drafted Russell Wilson in 2012. I do wonder if Madden will render his arm correctly and only give him one hand?
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    madden tends to be pretty accurate with their models so its entirely possible. I haven't played a good madden game in almost a decade though, ever since they changed the mut system into the free market free for all that it is now.
  • Atlanta Falcons were pretty stupid giving such an absurd contract to Matt Ryan. The guy is a stop gap qb that has been lucky with having offensive weapons his entire career (and a good line most of it). If Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Drew Brees had Matt Ryan's offensive weapons over the years they'd all have passed for 6000 yards in a single season by now.
  • Sad NFL news as yet another coaching legend is now dead. RIP Chuck Knox.
  • Seattle is paying peanuts for the decaying corpse of the receiver known as Brandon Marshall, and will likely cut him if he shows no signs of football life in the pre-season. This is the latest of big name players going to Seattle for their careers to die (Franco Harris, Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens) but I can see why it's worth a shot for the team to look. I will say that Brandon Marshall being on the roster guarantees that Seattle will miss the playoffs in 2018 since Brandon Marshall has never played in a playoff game in his career.
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    just had to share this because I thought it was hilarious. just watched the madden 19 trailer, and every team they were showing has at least one Lombardi trophy, then they show off the browns. lol
    are they predicting something by that?
  • I'm guessing that the Browns are wither the really fun rebuild team to play as in their Franchise Mode or they're going by Cleveland's pre-Super Bowl era of being a Juggernaut as a reason of including them in the trailer. That being said, I am not a believer of Baker Mayfield being a franchise QB (especially at this point with his maturity questions) and wasn't even before the Browns picked him as the next in a long line of QB draft busts since coming back in 1999.
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    Training camp is open and Earl Thomas is trying to pull what Kam Chancellor did a few years ago by refusing to be in training camp without a contract extension. The silly thing was that he was there when Kam Chancellor's hold out didn't work at all (and lost money by holding out). Earl would've been better off doing what Michael Bennett did when not satisfied with his wages (show up and out work everyone and then in the post practice interviews say he wants an extension but will still be working with teammates.) That is how Michael Bennett got his extension with more guaranteed money (which made the return Seattle got years later when trading him next to nothing).

    Not that it matters, the Seahawks will be bad this season whether he's on the field or not.
  • it took them almost two years but the browns didn't lose a game, they didn't win either but at least they are getting somewhere.

    as far as the cardinals, if your going to have a bad game, at least be the first one and get it out of the way.
  • After seeing the little bit of last Sunday's Seahawks-Broncos game the only thing I was surprised about was that the score was as close as it was. I'd have thought the Broncos D would've scored 2 Tds to go with the Offense's 3 TDs (and maybe a special teams TD there as well). Also didn't expect Seattle to score any points in that game since their offense is as bad as last year's and their D is the worst it's been in the Pete Carrol years at this time (they may get better than the 2010 D by the end of the year if the young players develop right). I expect Khalil Mack to get the single game sack record* in the Monday Night game vs. Seattle

    *since sacks became an official stat. There was a player that got 22 sacks in a game in the 1960s?!? before it was an official recorded stat.
  • 2 games in and im done with the cardinals, they have shown they cant work or play as a team right now and have become the new browns, which the browns should have beaten the saints today
  • wow, 635 days and the browns finally won a game. congrats browns.
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