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Q: I downloaded the full version of the game, but I don't have any Blitz songs. Where are they?

A: The Blitz song pack is downloaded separately from the game itself. After you start the game for the first time, Blitz discovers and "Blitzifies" the songs on your HDD. It will then prompt you to download the Blitz song pack.

Additional note for PS3 users: If you set the song pack to background download, you will have to install it from the XMB before it will show up in Blitz (or RB3). This requires exiting the game.

Q: I inadvertently stopped/cancelled the download of the Blitz songs and it's not prompting me to download them again! What do I do?

A: Any download you've at least started will be in your download history. On the PS3, there's a link to it in the top-right corner of the PSN Store. Someone please tell me how to conveniently access download history on the Xbox. You can restart the download from there.

Q: I only have 20 of the 25 Blitz songs in RB3. Where are the others?

A: If you're on Xbox, and are sorting by 'Date Acquired,' RB3 will only put 20 songs in the "Newly Acquired" section. All your other DLC is sorted alphabetically in "Previously Acquired," and that's where the other five songs are (the first five alphabetically). Sort by artist or title, and you'll find them just fine.

Please update with any other Q's that seem to be A'd F, these are the first few I had in mind.


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    "Someone please tell me how to conveniently access download history on the Xbox."

    Hit the xbox button for the guide, go to the far right for account management (You'll go back to the dashboard), then it's easy to find it from there :)
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