Problems with Blitz songs? look here first!

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Seeing as there are a lot of threads being made about various problems with the blitz songs not showing up for whatever reason, I thought it would be a smart idea to just make one easily noticeable thread for it.

Blitz only has/gave me 3 songs!

Answer: The game data of blitz has only 3 songs yes.
After you start up the game, it will check for your downloaded content. When it's done with that, it will ask you to download the game soundtrack. Download/install this and the songs should show up.

Please note that you have to start the game on the same account as you downloaded it on, or else it won't ask that you download the songs!

note 2: On PS3, if you set the song pack to background download, you have to install it from the XMB (which requires exiting the game).

While the songs are downloading you should already be able to play the 3 songs and all your previously downloaded songs for RB to pass the time while you wait.

I accidentally stopped/cancelled the download of the Blitz songs and it's not asking me me to download them again.

Answer: Any download you've at least started will be in your download history. On the PS3, there's a link to it in the top-right corner of the PSN Store. On the xbox, press the xbox button on your controller. Then go all the way to the right and click on "Account Management". After that, click on "Download history".

My Blitz songs won't (all) appear in RB3!!

Answer: Same as the first one, make sure you downloaded the soundtrack.

Now if you're on xbox, and you sort by "date acquired" in RB3, it will only show the last 20 songs added. The other 5 songs are there, you just have to search for them by alphabet or by artist (number of times played is also a good way)

My RB3 disc songs won't show up in Blitz!

Answer: RB3 disc songs can not be exported (yet). And therefore can't be played in Blitz

Some of my downloaded songs are not showing up in Blitz!

Answer: Cover versions of songs (also known as "as made famous by") will show up under the original artist.
With any other songs i suggest re-downloading/installing.

The solos won't show up in some songs!
This is because HMX has built in a certain thing that prevents songs that consist mostly of solos to just be 1 track most of the time. most likely because a lot of players would find that boring.
It is confirmed by HMX that any song that has solos for at least 35% of the song will have no solos marked in the song. of course you can still play that part, it simply won't give you a solo bonus.

for a list of songs that don't have the solos in them, please take a look at this thread:
do note that this thread is a work in progress, and feel free to add stuff to it in that thread.

If i delete the game, can I still play the songs in RB3?

Answer: Since the songs are downloaded in a separate file, yes you can.
But why would you? :p

I got disconnected from the rock central servers while playing a song, why did this happen/ what will happen now?

Answer: The servers might occasionally disconnect because they're not working properly or you lost connection to the internet. but this shouldn't happen often or at all really.

Also, here's a not 100% verified problem that might be causing it:
It also looks like there might be a glitch that if you play a song that has since been pulled from the store, the game will disconnect you from the RB central servers and not save your progress.

What will happen if you do disconnect?
You'll lose whatever coins you spent on purchasing powerups. And you will be brought back to the title screen

How do i start a score war? Why can't i start a score war with (insert name)?

Answer: There are 2 ways to start a score war.

The first can be done in-game. On the recommendations screen it will often show you that you can challenge someone to a score war. the only problem with this way is that you can't choose your opponent or the song.

The second has to be done through the Rockband World Facebook app.
just look for score wars on there, and then put in the name of your friend and the song you want to play.

Why can't i start a score war with (insert name)?

Answer: you can only start a score war with someone that is on the same console as you, so you can not challenge someone on PS3 if you're on Xbox, or the other way around.

also, both players need to have linked their game to the app. you can find the code to do this in-game. in the options menu.

My *insert achievement or goal here* won't unlock!

Answers: For the score war achievement, you need to challenge someone to a score war through the in game recommended score war. To do that, look at the answer above this one.

For the "Play a song from every decade" unfortunately, the Roy Orbison song "Ooby Dooby" won't work for the 50's for a reason i'm sure someone will tell us in the comments. The 50's Johnny Cash songs will work.

The "Medium All American Reject goal" for some reason does not work with the song "Gonzo" unfortunately you have to play other songs

Some Rock Band Blitz goals can be played in RB3, and they will still unlock for you! just go to Facebook, join the goal and play it in RB3!
however, not every goal can be completed this way. each goal says on which platform you can play it, see this picture for reference:
Also: it turns out you can play the songs in both, for example, if you play 3 songs in Blitz, and then the same 3 in RB3, it will count as 6 songs! (this might get fixed though)

It is impossible to get gold stars on (insert song here) !

Every song in the Blitz setlist has already been gold starred, and i'm pretty sure every piece of DLC as well. Try using different power-up combinations or different strategies (like instead of going for getting all the multipliers up, stick to one part with loads of points.)

for a list of the approximate scores you need to get gold on the Bltz setlist, please look here: (still work in progress)

If anyone else has some things that would be smart to add in here, please post it in here.


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