Something I Like About Rock Band World Goals

RickXTNRickXTN Unsigned
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It was cool finding out (thanks in part to posts here) that some if not most goals from Rock Band World can also be completed by playing appropriate songs in Rock Band 3 as well as Blitz. Even though I still love playing Rock Band 3 anyway, knowing this helps breathe new life into RB3. It can also add a surprise element if I have friends over playing RB3 and after a play session we may have completed some goals or something just by chance. :-)

Thanks, Harmonix!


  • Tommy GunTommy Gun Opening Act
    edited September 2012
    Agreed. I play RB3 a few times a week (or I would if I hadn't just moved, grrr), so I'm glad there's some new stuff to work on!
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
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    I have been playing a LOT more RB3 since Blitz came out. New goals for the game, two years later? Hooray! I've even bought a few songs just to complete them. And I've bought a few other songs that I had been avoiding buying for year solely because they would be better as RB3 versions. But that doesn't matter so much when you're playing on the 5-button bass.

    Or in Blitz. Which I've also been playing, though not enough to get any good at it yet.
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