STUCK at "Discovering Downloadable Content"

YosuminYosumin Unsigned
edited August 2012 in Rock Band Blitz
So recently (about an hour ago) I was disconnected from the Rock Band Blitz servers. I tried to reconnect and it said the servers are currently down and I was given an option to play offline.

I backed out of this screen and then ~10 minutes later I tried to reconnect and it brought me to the 'discovering downloadable content' screen and it stayed there for 15 minutes. (I have 71 songs)

With the assumption that my game had froze, I dashboarded out and reloaded the game. Once again, stuck at the 'discovering downloadable content' screen

I've been playing just fine since yesterday morning up until an hour ago.

Any advise please? I can't delete and re-download the game because I downloaded it on another console.


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