Score Wars with XBL Friends

blaze122blaze122 Opening Act
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How do you start a Score War with a XBL friend. I can only figure out how to do it with Facebook friends


  • www1221www1221 StackOverflowError
    edited August 2012
    Some score wars will show up under the recommended tab. Those score wars choose the person and song for you. If you want to choose these things you have to go through Rock Band World
  • Meat-PopsicleMeat-Popsicle Road Warrior
    edited August 2012
    I clicked on the recommended Score War that Blitz randomly picked when I first started it up, but my opponent still hasn't played the song. He's got 8 hours before I get the default win!

    ... or does he have to "accept" the challenge for it to count?
  • HeroGearHeroGear Unsigned
    edited September 2012
    I was in 3 score wars with a friend, 2 of them he didn't play in time. Sad to say you don't get an automatic win if they never play, it just goes away with no change in stats. The biggest problem I found was that you can't start a score war from RB world, no matter what name you try it always comes back with no results found (I have a dozen friends listed, can't even get there names to come up.
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