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im not sure if anyone else has noticed this issue but it seems that when i complete a goal, the coins im supposed to get are not showing up in the game. it would really be helpful if there was a message in the game that said the goal was completed and shows the coins awarded. its frustrating to have to go on to my pc and see if i completed it. also its a pain to have to quit out of the game and go back in just so the message center can update with the goals as well.


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    Yeah, I'm having trouble with this too. My coins are not being awarded to my Xbox-Blitz account. I don't understand why they didn't come up with a feature that notifies us when we complete a goal.

    Although I like Rock Band World, it's unneccessary and most of it's features could have just been implemented into the game where people could access RBW's features on their console. Harmonix better fix these bugs with Rock Band World, because if they're gonna have a Facebook app, it should be a working app.
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    the only real benefits I see from the facebook app are that HMX gets some free advertising if someone sees their friend posting scores and whatnot, score duels and goal sharing (if they fix this) across consoles, and that you can complete a lot of the goals by playing the songs in RB3. Other than that, I think it would have been better if they had kept it ingame.

    At the very least they could have integrated the facebook app into the game much better, if they HAD to have the facebook app.
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