August RBN DLC poll

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Let's see who wins this one :]

Boldfaced songs are on PS3
Bold and italic songs are on PS3 and Wii


Released August 3
"Genocide" - Evile
"I Hope You're Happy" - Loren Dircks
"Magician" - Lightwires
"Summer Love" - We the Kings

Released August 4
"Building a Robot" - Robotmakers
"Entertain" - Sleater-Kinney

Released August 6
"(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar" - The Guild feat. Felicia Day
"A Prophecy" - Asking Alexandria
"Crazy X" - Charlie Drown
"Hey There Mr. Brooks" - Asking Alexandria
"Satisfied" - Social Code
"The Great Salt Lake" - Band of Horses

Released August 9
"Cheat on the Church" - Graveyard BBQ
"Hey Satomi (feat. Justine Skyers)" - The Bungles
"Jumpers" - Sleater-Kinney
"Shoot the Zombies" - Songs to Wear Pants to
"The Last Sound" - Grammatrain

Released August 12
"Heavy Plastic" - Alien Downlink
"On the Airwaves" - The Shazam
"Rabbits" - Kingsize
"We Like the Moon" -

Released August 13
"Belladonna & Aconite 2010" - Inkubus Sukkubus
"In Circles" - Sunny Day Real Estate

Released August 16
"Broke Down on the Brazos" - Gov't Mule
"Echo (My Only Regret)" - SexTon
"Forgotten Tragedy" - Cold Steel
"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" - Christmas at the Devil's House
"Swim" - Surfer Blood
"The Pose" - Red Jacket Mine"

Released August 18
"(Random Song)" - Bluefusion
"Floating Vibes" - Surfer Blood
"Mr. Spock" - Nerf Herder
"The Ending is Death" - Boney Mean

Released August 20
"Damn Good Man" - Moses Tucker
"Devoid of Thought" - Evile
"Fence Jumper" - The Fire Violets
"Flesh Pull" - Mystic Syntax
"Hell's Sweet Hands" - Ashland Court
"Kokko - Eagle of Fire" - Amberian Dawn
"Song About an Angel" - Sunny Day Real Estate
"Uncivilized" - Texas in July
"You Ain't No Family" - Iwrestledabearonce

"Your Petty Pretty Things" - The Get Up Kids

Released August 23
"Howling at Summer" - You Me and Iowa
"I Cut off My Arms" - J.A.C.K.
"I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT !!!1" - James Silva
"Spring" - Your Heart
"XIV" - Chaotrope

Released August 26
"Honest Man" - The Gracious Few
"Living in a Whirlwind" - Warbringer
"Money Honey" - State of Shock
"Pawns" - Dead By Wednesday
"Time No More" - Evile
"Violent Center" - OWLS

Released August 30
"Burn Her Out" - Shokher
"Buy You a House" - Noah Engh the Kid Fantastic
"Cherry Red" - Sideburn
"Disco Rocket" - Scott Attrill
"Lionheart" - Amberian Dawn
"Return to Blood Beach" - The Riptides
"Time-bomb" - Buttercup
"Welcome to My World" - Nerf Herder
"White Table" - Delta Spirit

Released August 31
"Evil Inside Me" - Amberian Dawn
"Head Up High" - Firewind
'"Pale Sister of Light" - Free Spirit
"Revolution" - Bang Camaro

Released August 4
"American Hero vs. Done" - Robin Skouteris
"Cluster #2" - Askari Nari
"Dawn (Blood Saga I)/Through the Maelström" - Morgawr
"Desecration Day (2x Bass Pedal)" - Halcyon Way
"Devil's Boulevard" - Eminence
"Gymnopédie No. 1 (Satie)" - Thomas Walker
"Moonlight Ride" - Free Spirit

"Poor Yorick" - Shakespeare in Hell
"Reviving a Dead Language" - Askari Nari
"Shadow of a Man" - Free Spirit
"The Cheval Glass" - Emery
"Toast" (Live) - Heywood Banks

"Wha-Chow Theme (Feat. ShadyVox)" - Psyguy

Released August 11
"Act of War" - Lich King
"Ashes to Ashes / Leaving It All Behind" - Fallen Angel

Released August 18
"Caraphernelia" - Pierce the Veil
"Dance Battle Alpha" - Active Knowledge
"Doppelgänger" - Freezepop
"Dystopia" - Chaotrope
"Far Away from Heaven (RB3 version)" - Free Spirit

"Gold Rush" - Armor for the Broken
"Life Will Fade Away" - Synthetic Elements
"Make It Last" - Devoutcast
"Nugget Man" - Paul and Storm
"Pale Sister of Light" (RB3 version) - Free Spirit
"Soy Bomb" - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
"Stabbing to Purge Dissimulation" - All Shall Perish

"Sweet Rain" - Weeping Buddhas
"The Space for This" - Cynic (and 2x Bass pedal version)
"The Thief in the Night Part I" (2x Bass pedal) - Chaotrope
"Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You" - After the Burial (and 2x Bass pedal version)

Released August 25
"Flight of the Bumblebee (Rimsky-Korsakov - Piano Version)" - Thomas Walker
"Glamour Life" - IDLEMINE
"Hyperdrive" - Devin Townsend
"Madness" - Myrath

"Magnolia" - Terrorhorse (and 2x Bass pedal version)
"Making Love (To a Foreign Woman While Reading Time Magazine)" - Blue Water Dance
"My Frailty" - After the Burial
"Rock Me Roxy" - Haunted By Heroes
"Scissors" - Emery
"Stand for Something (RB3 version)" - Skindred
"War in Heaven" - Amberian Dawn
"Young Love" - Oh Darling
2012. Picks for future PS3 ports are, as always, appreciated

Released August 9
"Back Through Time" (2x Bass pedal) - Alestorm
"Blessed Night" - Saint Vitus
"From the Ground Up" - Trial By Fire
"Our Finest Hour" - Halcyon Way
"Rebirth" (2x Bass pedal) - All Shall Perish
"To the Stage" (2x Bass pedal) - Asking Alexandria
"Wrong Side" - Catsmelvin

Released August 16
"Hoy" - Vargas
"Version 2" - Yogurt With Sprinkles

Released August 23
"But Then I Fell in Love" - Look Left
"From the Blue/Point of No Return" (2x Bass pedal) - An Endless Sporadic
"Move Your Body" - Eiffel 65
"Stop Staring" - Leadership by Assault
"The Restless Mind" - Francisco Meza

Released August 30
"Wasted" (2x Bass pedal) - Fail Emotions
"Ride" - Fretless
"The Duel" (2x Bass pedal) - Not Above Evil
"The Main Thing" - Nathaniel Whitlock
"Mind in Motion" - Art Benson
"Let's Write a Song" - Una Jensen
"The Triangular Race Through Space" - An Endless Sporadic
"Dash" - Bumblefoot
"That'll be the Day" - Jerry Naylor
"Livin' the Dream" - Silent Theory


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