Frustrating Keys in Blitz

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I like how keys are just coming to bite Harmonix in the bum in terms of fun factor on certain songs. There are so many songs that they have charted bully horns , violins, timpani, xylphone and gumby style stuff like that just to say that a song has PRO KEYS in RB3 even tho it only has 3 or 4 notes..

The chucking worst thing is that it just ruins great songs in Blitz when you have to look out for 3 or 4 notes in a song and if you miss them it just ruins your chances of gold starring or high scoring.

Songs that have been ruined so far by keys:

SO many clash songs off london calling album that they charted horns that have 5 or 6 notes at the most

Rope by Foo Fighters

Have you ever seen the rain by CCR

Long road to ruin by foo fighters

I have played 1 or 2 others tonight that were just ruined because you could not get your plus 3 unless you hit like 1 note on the dumby keys

I was literally about to slam the controller when I was playing Rope

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