How are charts created?

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I am really enjoying this game and it still feels like I am playing the songs, yet there is a lot less data for each of the instruments. How did you manage this feat? Is it an automatic process that just cuts out excess notes, or are you tweaking each song?

I would think it would have to be some sort of automatic process as going back through the entire RB library to make them Blitz ready would be quite the undertaking. But some of the songs play really well that I have to think there was some sort of manual adjustments after the fact.

Fun fact of the day - while air drumming in the car looks cool, air finger tapping to practice fast sections in Blitz is not. :cool:


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    It's automated based on the chart notes, animations, etc.
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    raynebc;4865746 said:
    It's automated based on the chart notes, animations, etc.

    Yeah, I noticed that for the drum fills, the notes are usually divided up by the hand the note is played with. Usually the fills are just RLRLRLRL, but there are some fills that require you to switch it up. For example, the opening fill for The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls goes RLRRLRR, and in Blitz, the notes are played like that as well. This is more obvious in the Rock Band Network songs where the drum chart author messed up and incorrectly labeled the animations. There will be fills where you have to play 32nd notes in a fill with just the right button, or something.

    For normal drum sequences, the notes are typically divided into bass drum on the right and snare on the left, which I STRONGLY disagree with, since it makes for extremely boring drum tracks. For example, the guitar might me RLLRLLRLLRLLRLRLRLLRLLRLLRLLRLRL but the drums will just be

    It completely disregards the high hat, crash cymbals, and ride cymbals (except for the disco flipped parts).
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