Anyone else feel like people may already be hacking the leaderboards?

BlkKeyBladeBlkKeyBlade Unsigned
edited September 2012 in Rock Band Blitz
Ok so i can gold star almost any song i play now on my first try, with a few exceptions. on most songs ive played, im in the top 10. but tonight i tried to gold star yyz and failed 6 times. which is fine, i like the challenge. but when i looked at the leader board and saw 1st place is 750,000+ when the max i can get is 380,000 that jus seems a little too ridiculous to be true. and the game is still too new i guess for people to be uploading performances on youtube to prove those kinds of feats. when i see a top score 100,000 points more then the 2nd place score, i believe it. but when this one is that much of a difference it seems like there needs to be a legitimacy tester for these leaderboards. it would suck if the only way we have to play others in thru leaderboards and it was just taken advantage of by hackers....


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