Holiday RBN Songs to expect for this year.

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I know it's three whole months until winter and awesome holidays, and many people would get the MLP reference right there.

But, last year of Holiday 2011, no one prepared any Christmas songs. I don't think even Harmonix had a Christmas song. So, here's a little warning for the authoring groups that now would be a good time to find some holiday songs. :) I don't know if it's really early or late for this, actually, I'm just winging it.

So, here's a list of songs that I know of that have to do with the holidays, or at least the season. If there's more, let me know in the post below. Don't let three months from now be a fail like it was last year!

Holiday RBN songs confirmed so far:
Nathaniel Whitlock (Remixed by AskariNari)
Snow Zombies [NSFR Remix] (Author: AskariNari)

Distant Autumn
The Christmas Song (Author: FairwoodStudios)

Richard Campbell
Rock The Halls (Author: RhythmAuthors) [Couldn't find link. :/]


Now, no one knows if the song(s) will make it on time, but let's cross our fingers!

Any more Holiday songs we should know about?


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