Flashing Square Button (PS3) on screen at end of song?!?!?!

FieryMurphManFieryMurphMan Unsigned
edited September 2012 in Rock Band Blitz
Has anyone seen this? I've played maybe 20 songs thus far on Blitz and have only seen this once. At the end of the song "Headphones On" by Miranda Cosgrove in the top left corner at the conclusion of the song but before multiplier scores were added a picture of the Square Button (PS3!!) was shown flashing in the top left corner. (Think "God of War" cutscenes since it looked exactly like that). Anyone know what this is? a finale overdrive or something (is there something extra we can do to score points in the finale? like in the "Big Rock Band endings"?). I'm missing something. I repeatedly pressed the Square button when I saw it (thinking God of War again) but I didn't seem to notice anything happen. Thanks in advance for any help!!


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