When Amish Attack

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I feel like I'm taking over Arnie's spot, but whatever, here's another really freaking story that leaves so many questions and mental images, it's impossible not to ponder about it.

Apparently a group of Amish cut off another's beard... And now there's a court case.
Zimmerly said he went in October to the home of an Amish bishop whose beard was cut short. He said the bishop's hair was unevenly chopped to the scalp, leaving it bloody.
Sweeny Todd!?
There was a lot of hair laying on the floor," he testified as Amish watched from the public gallery, the women wearing white bonnets, the men wearing jeans and suspenders. "They were excited, very upset.
Uh oh looks like the Amish have caught up to 70's porn stars in terms of hair on the ground after excitement.
Those accused of planning and taking part in the attacks targeted the hair and beards of Amish bishops
Maybe frat boys and Amish are on the same level?


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