RBN Community Spotlight : September 2012

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Hey gang!

It's time for another community spotlight thread!

Now as most of you know we only 'announce' songs that we have working playable builds now. That helps to cut down on the wait time between announcement and the songs being available to purchase.

Also with school starting up last month, Blitz being released, and just life in general, we didn't get as much work done as we have in the past (we'll just blame it on Blitz :P ), so we don't have as many new builds to show off today.

However that just means that next month we should have a huge pile of them ;)

Secondly I'm going to be away from the house for most of the morning, so I'm going to be announcing songs every ten to fifteen minutes to get through the ten or so we have to show off before I have to leave. But don't worry as I'm sure the other authors will be here during the day to make their announcements.

Enough blabbering!

On with the show :D

First up is a song that some of our more eagle eyed (and by eagle eyed I mean you were conscious and able to read) have already spotted, but today we're 'officially' announcing it.

If you've seen the Literal Trailers on youtube, or are a fan of Minecraft then there's a pretty good possibility that you're already familiar with the song.

I only have one question? Do you like my sword?


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