Help getting 5 stars on Shout

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Okay, this song is really frustrating. I always manage to get very close to the fifth star, with only the smallest sliver missing. The notes are laid out in such an annoying way. Does anyone have any tips, what powerups I should use, strategies, etc. for getting 5 stars here? Don't even care about gold. This is the last song standing between me and the achievement.


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    For power ups use Jackpot/Blastnotes/Super Guitar. Trust me.
    play the song normally, leveling up each track as much as you can. Right after the guitar solo only play the guitar sustains. Forget about the other tracks and use Jackpost on the longest sustains you can find.
    That's how I got gold.
  • blackheartstarblackheartstar Unsigned
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    What MagicMurderBag7 said will do the job.
  • metalkornmetalkorn Rising Star
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    I did the same. It is pretty easy once you figure it out. You can get 100,000 120,000 pretty easy on those guitar solos if you level up properly throughout the song.
  • Epsilon82Epsilon82 Opening Act
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    Yeah, Super Guitar/Jackpot + long sustains near the end = massive points. I completely butchered the song by my usual standards and still squeaked out Gold on my first real try because I had heard about this "trick."
  • sieesiee Road Warrior
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    I think I used Jackpot/Flame Notes/Super Guitar for Shout and focused on filling my Jackpot, waiting for a flame note to appear and hitting all of them until Jackpot was over. That was my main priority over getting multipliers.

    Although the other method in this thread sounds a lot better, I might try it and see if it beats my score.

    EDIT: Yep, use Jackpot/Blast Notes/Super Guitar. FTW at the end, got me Rank 22.
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