PS3 In Game Store - Loading New DLC Heads Up

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Just a heads up in case anyone else thinks that the game has locked up after buying new DLC from the Blitz in game store... It hasn't. It just seems like it has because if you have a large song library it background re-loads all your songs without anyway of telling you it's progress. So.... You can sit there for a couple of minutes without being able to do anything but if you wait long enough it will finally "free up"

Just a "the more you know" teaching moment from my personal experience.


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    That makes sense, I guess. When I first encountered this, I assumed it was because sometimes my controller is on Port 4 on the PS3 because I always have my drums, guitar, and keyboard plugged in via a USB hub. But changing the port in real-time didn't fix it. It seems that they forgot that this game doesn't have that "overlay" that RB3 does showing when the soundtrack is being loaded.

    Along these lines, it's interesting that Blitz seems to be MUCH faster at loading my library than RB3 is. I wonder if it's just because there are fewer pieces of information loaded in about each song (like in RB3 you can check info on the song and see all of your instrument scores and how long the song is, etc.)
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