Favorite songs on Blitz that you didn't like to begin with...

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Has anyone ever played one of the songs on Blitz that they didn't like, but now seem a like them now? (Mainly because they were fun to play in Blitz)

I'll be honest, there were several songs included in the game that I wasn't so happy about, but when I started playing them, they seemed to be alright.

'Raise Your Glass' was okay as a song, but then it turned to be pretty good when I played it, it kept me in rhythm and racked up some points.

When I had to play 'So Far Away' by Avenged Sevenfold, I thought I was going to hate it like I hate every other song by that band...both the gameplay and the song proved me wrong. In fact, I could say this was my most favorite (okay, only favorite) Avenged Sevenfold song then everything else they've produced. At least it was a change of pace and it was nicely mellow. Never thought I'd really liked that song, but now I do.


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    I didn't think all that much of Bang Your Head when I first played it in Blitz. But I played it in RB3 with my band over the weekend and it's tremendously well suited to Rock Band. The guitar solos were still a bit beyond me, but I enjoyed it loads.
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    If not for the pointless, shouty, seemingly out of place "Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom" part, "Diamond Eyes" would actually be a decent song.

    Also liked the A7X song a lot more than I expected I would.
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    Sort of related to this, one of the things I really love about Blitz is the fact that there are quite a few songs in my library that I really enjoy listening to, but didn't really play much in Rock Band 3 because a lot of the individual instrument parts weren't all that interesting or enjoyable by themselves. Because you're playing all of the tracks at once and are constantly dealing with the interesting puzzle/powerup elements, there's pretty much no such thing as a song that's boring to play in this game, and that's a huge boon IMO. I seriously think I may end up playing more Blitz than RB3 from now on in the long run, and I NEVER would have thought I'd be saying that before release.
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    Yeah...It's like discovering new songs. I've had them in my library, collecting dust, so to speak. I really love the fact that I can jump back and forth between RB and Blitz. It's so quick and easy to switch games that it just makes double the fun.
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    Never been a real big Iron Maiden fan, but I like The Wicker Man.

    I also am glad to be finally playing more of this DLC I've been collecting for years. I purchased a lot of songs based on popularity and have never played them in RB3. At least they have a chance of getting played in Blitz since you get to play all the parts.
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    The game hasn't been around long enough for any song to grow on me.
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