New goals 9/11/12

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Community Goal - Let's All Play 70's Songs! -- Just like the 80's goal this past week. 750,000 stars. (2,500 coins)

Easy 70's -- Earn 12 stars on any 70's songs. (1,000 coins)

Moving Pictures -- Play the 7 songs from the album. (3,500 coins)

Rock Band 2 Throwback Challenge -- Five-star all songs that exported from RB2. (10,000 coins)

Medium Pearl Jam -- Earn 30 stars on Pearl Jam songs. (2,000 coins)

Medium Weezer -- Earn 30 stars on Weezer songs. (2,000 coins)

The Metal Facemelter -- Gold-star "Ride the Lightning," "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" and "Raining Blood" (5,000 coins) Can only be attempted solo and must be completed in Blitz, and not RB3

Scavenger Hunt - Grungest Hits -- I'll just copy-and-paste:
In an effort to keep you guessing with these Scavenger Hunts, here's one that includes one song from each Grunge band in the Rock Band DLC catalog. Hint: no on-disc songs! Hint 2: The songs chosen were based on our Community Manager's interpretation of what he feels were the most important tracks, not necessarily the best selling, by each band.
(3,000 coins)

Correct me if I'm wrong, and any of these were around before, but I'm pretty sure I'd have done them if they were :p


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