Would anybody be interested in getting these songs if they came to RBN? (my music)

eddielagatoeddielagato Unsigned
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I love Rock Band, and I love making music. Thing is, I'm not actually that fond of my own music, I'm a very harsh critic of myself. However, there are a fair amount of people I know that like some or most of my music. I do a lot of different styles and genres and varieties and qualities, so that doesn't help the confusion...

Anyway, would anyone actually want to download and purchase and play any of these songs? They're all quite different, all made by me...


Just wondering...


  • eddielagatoeddielagato Unsigned
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    Please don't just listen to the first song and ignore the others, they're all quite different... and if you could at least leave a quick reply or something. Just hoping for some feedback is all...
  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    the songs themselves are pretty good. but I think you need a good band to play them and then record that. your song making skills are above average from what i'm hearing. but the rest is just below average
  • DeferredGalaxy3DeferredGalaxy3 Rising Star
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    Hm... You seem to have a great songwriting ability. But, the quality of the mic doesn't seem to be enough, and kind of ruins a feel. Also, shouldn't the vocals be turned of a bit higher?

    Other than the vocals, you seem just fine. :)
  • eddielagatoeddielagato Unsigned
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    Thanks for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated. I'll still eventually bring most of these to Rock Band, but I'll try and re-record and adjust certain parts, or entire songs. In the meantime I'll probably focus more on my electronic tracks... Any comments on those? (The last 2) :)
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