Will we see more DLC that doesn't get as undercharted as they are now?

iamchris4lifeiamchris4life Unsigned
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In the week or so I've been playing this game, I've noticed that the songs I remember from RB2 and some of the DLC are, in my opinion, too undercharted. For example, there are songs that have a 16th note hi-hat drum section with a snare or bass hit every quarter note, but Blitz undercharts it to include only the snare or bass hit every quarter note, i.e. I know Red Barchetta does this. Though I think the most disappointing examples are the 2 Dragonforce DLC songs; every 16th note pattern was undercharted to 8th notes at 200BPM, which left almost no "shredding" to do in the guitar solos. In my opinion, 16ths at 200BPM are not at all too fast to FC. I'd say even short bursts of 24ths at 200BPM are FC'able.

I know this game has more of a focus on strategy/planning, but in the future I'd like to see more difficult patterns that aren't a breeze to FC.

I'm not trying to offend anyone by saying every pattern is too easy, but I'm rather pointing out that the peak difficulty of patterns is nowhere near that of normal GH and RB games.


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