Harmonix Celebrates 5 Years of Rock Band With HUGE Discounts on Over 1,100 Tracks!

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Cambridge, Mass. – September 17th, 2012 – In celebration of the launch of Rock Band™ Blitz for PlayStation®Network and Xbox LIVE® Arcade and the impending five year anniversary of Rock Band, Harmonix is excited to announce that it’s making expanding your Rock Band Music Library more affordable than ever before!

This week, Harmonix is offering a sale on over 1,100 songs available in the Rock Band Music Store on all platforms! Fans looking to boost their Rock Band music collection can now pick up select tracks from Rock Band’s mind-blowing catalog of music’s biggest artists. And these tracks, both as singles and as their associated packs, are now 50% off!

For more than 250 weeks, Harmonix has released fresh music content for the Rock Band franchise, including music from Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, Boston, Disturbed, Foo Fighters, Jane's Addiction, Mötley Crüe, Nirvana, No Doubt, Oasis, Ozzy Osbourne, Paramore, Pearl Jam, Queen, Rush, Slipknot, System of a Down, The Cars, The Police, The Who and more! The hits have kept rolling out for nearly five years, including track packs, artist releases, the Rock Band Network pipeline, and exportable games like Rock Band Blitz – totaling over 3900* songs available for the franchise overall. Throughout the years, Harmonix has shown a dedication to their fan base with this additional content, and this new sale continues that tradition!

With tracks playable in both Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz, now is the perfect time to add to your collection of favorite songs for the world’s best music gaming platform! The sale is planned to launch Tuesday, September 18th on all platforms. For a full list of tracks on sale and dates of deployment on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Wii™, please visit this handy PDF with all the packs and songs included!

The Rock Band Music Store allows players to preview and purchase downloadable individual music tracks and packs from the vast selection of offerings available to date without ever leaving the game as they build their own custom Rock Band library. The complete list of tracks can be found at www.rockband.com/songs. Additionally, players on the Xbox 360 can browse and purchase tracks in the standalone "Rock Band Music Store" application within their Xbox 360 dashboard, or they can be purchased online at Xbox.com.

Rock Band 3 is rated "T" for Teen (lyrics, suggestive themes) by the ESRB. Rock Band Blitz is rated “T” for Teen (fantasy violence, suggestive themes) the ESRB. Music downloads are not rated by the ESRB.

*Available on-disc, via download and disc export. Internet connection and export key purchase required. Wii™ Shop Channel has more than 1,500 song tracks available for purchase on the Rock Band platform on-disc, via song import, and download. Not applicable to Nintendo DS™.

For more information on Rock Band Blitz, Rock Band 3 and Harmonix Music Systems please visit www.rockband.com and www.harmonixmusic.com.

© 2012 Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Harmonix, Rock Band, Rock Band Blitz, and all related titles and logos are trademarks of Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. Rock Band Blitz, Rock Band 3, and other related products and services developed by Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

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“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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    Here is the expected timing for the roll out of discounts on different consoles in different regions. This is a HUGE update (seriously, we're discounting more DLC than most games have ever released) so there are a lot of moving pieces and things may not go 100% to plan, but we'll update if things look like they're changing.

    Tuesday September 18th

    Xbox 360 (worldwide) will be updating in a gradual roll out, and all pricing is expected to update by noon ET. ***9/19 UPDATE*** So noon has come and gone and the pricing changes are still rolling out. Updating 1,100 songs is taking longer than any of us expected, but we hope to see everything fully resolved by end of day today. Keep an eye on the store pricing as well as the pricing confirmation pop up before purchasing. More songs will be updated every hour, but if by chance you accidentally purchased content before the price change took full effect you can contact Microsoft for support. Thanks for your patience!

    Nintendo should be updating at the same time that Wii DLC usually goes live.

    Sony America (SCEA) is expected to update at the same time that PS3 DLC usually goes live.

    Wednesday September 19th

    Sony Europe (SCEE / Sony International) is expected to update when PS3 DLC usually goes live.

    If you check in and content is not appearing with the new pricing, sit tight and it may be updating shortly. We'll be keeping an eye on things on our end to make sure we catch any content that slips through the cracks.

    Additionally, here are a responses to a few FAQs that have popped up since the announcement of this HUGE back catalog sale:

    * Yes, this sale is specifically for DLC released prior to RB3.

    * Nearly all pre RB3 content should be included in this sale, with the exception of singles already priced at $0.99 and packs comprised of those $0.99 singles. Those songs are still $0.99 though, they were just basically on sale already.

    * Free songs are not included in this sale because they're supposed to be free. You can't get any cheaper than free. If they're not free in your region it's either an issue we're working through with 1st party or a pricing issue we're unable to resolve on account of 1st party pricing policies.

    * Prices are dropped for Hier Komt Alex and Rock N Roll Star but they are currently only playable in RB1 and RB2. This price drop won't change functionality for any songs not currently playable in RB3 or Blitz, just how much they cost.

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    And for those of you that like to read and want the full info dump without the benefit of the nice, clean, organized graphic in the OP, here's the full list of all the packs and tracks included in the sale:

    (Arguably) Punk Pack 02
    AFI Pack 01 Alice Cooper Pack 01
    Alice In Chains Pack 01
    Alice In Chains Pack 02
    All That Remains Pack 01
    Alt Country Pack 01
    Anthrax Pack 01
    Anvil Pack 01
    Avenged Sevenfold Pack 01
    Big Dipper Pack 01
    Black Sabbath Track Pack 01
    Blink-182 Pack 01
    Blink-182 Pack 02
    Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Legend (Album)"
    Bonnaroo Pack 01
    Boston Pack 01
    Breaking Benjamin Pack 01
    Brütal Legend Pack
    Century Media Girls of Metal Pack 01
    Classic Rock Pack 01
    Coheed and Cambria Pack 01
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Pack 01
    Crüe Fest Pack 01
    Crüe Fest Pack 02
    David Bowie Track Pack 01
    Dead Kennedys Pack 01
    Deftones Pack 01
    Disturbed Pack 01
    Disturbed Pack 02
    Disturbed Pack 03
    Earache Thrash Pack 01
    Electric Six Pack 01
    Evanescence Pack 01
    Foo Fighters - "The Colour and the Shape (Album)"
    Foo Fighters Pack 01
    Foo Fighters Pack 02
    Foo Fighters Pack 03
    Foreigner Pack 01
    Franz Ferdinand Pack 01
    Get the Funk Out Pack 01
    Going Country Pack 01
    Going Country Pack 02
    Going Country Pack 03
    Going Country Pack 04
    Gorillaz Pack 01
    Grateful Dead Pack 01
    Grateful Dead Pack 02
    Grateful Dead Pack 03
    Green Day Pack 01
    Green Day Pack 02
    Guns N' Roses - "Chinese Democracy (Album) "
    Hautewerk Pack 01
    HIM Pack 01
    Iron Maiden Pack 01
    Jane's Addiction - "Nothing's Shocking (Album)"
    Jimmy Buffett Pack 01
    Jimmy Eat World Pack 01
    Jimmy Eat World Pack 02
    Juanes Pack 01
    Judas Priest - "British Steel 30th Anniversary (Album)"
    Judas Priest - "Screaming For Vengeance (Album)"
    Judas Priest Pack 01
    Kings Of Leon Pack 01
    KISS Pack 01
    Lady Gaga Pack 01
    Lenny Kravitz Pack 01
    Locksley Pack 01
    Maroon 5 Pack 01
    Mayhem Tour 2009 Pack 01
    Megadeth - "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (Album)"
    Megadeth - "Rust in Peace (Album)"
    Miley Cyrus Pack 01
    Ministry Pack 01
    Ministry Pack 02
    Mission of Burma Pack 01
    Mötley Crüe - "Dr. Feelgood (Album)"
    MTV2 Pack 01
    Neon Trees Pack 01
    Nickelback Pack 01
    Night Ranger Pack 01
    Nine Inch Nails Pack 01
    Nine Inch Nails Pack 02
    Nirvana Bleach Pack
    Nirvana Pack 01
    Nirvana Pack 02
    No Doubt - "The Singles 1992-2003 (Album)"
    No Doubt - "No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Deep Cuts"
    No Doubt - "No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Complete Album"
    Oasis Pack 01
    Otis Redding Pack 01
    Ozzy Osbourne Pack 01
    Pantera - "The Great Southern Trendkill (Album)"
    Paul McCartney New York City Pack 01
    Pearl Jam - "Backspacer (Album)"
    Pearl Jam - "Ten (Album)"
    Pixies - "Doolittle (Album)"
    Presidents of the United States of America Pack 01
    Punk Pack 01
    Queen Pack 01
    Queens of the Stone Age Track Pack 01
    R.E.M. Pack 01
    Rancid Pack 01
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Album)"
    REO Speedwagon/Styx Tour '09 Pack
    Rise Against Pack 01
    Roadrunner Records Pack 01
    Rob Zombie Pack 01
    Rock Band Live 2008 Tour Pack
    Rockin' the Holidays 2008 Pack
    Roy Orbison Pack 01
    Rush - "Moving Pictures (Album)"
    Scene Pack 01
    Siouxsie and The Banshees Pack 01
    Slipknot Pack 01
    Social Distortion Pack 01
    Spinal Tap Pack 01
    Spoon Pack 01
    Steve Miller Band Pack 01
    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - "Texas Flood (Album)"
    Stone Temple Pilots Pack 01
    T. Rex Pack 01
    Taking Back Sunday Pack 01
    Talking Heads Pack 01
    Ten Bonus Pack
    The Black Keys Pack 01
    The Cars - "The Cars (Album)"
    The Dead Weather Pack 01
    The Fratellis Pack 01
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Axis: Bold as Love (Album)"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Are You Experienced: Rock Band Edition (Album)"
    The Killers Pack 01
    The Offspring Pack 01
    The Police Track Pack 01
    The Raconteurs Pack 01
    The Stooges Pack 01
    The Used Pack 01
    The Vines Pack 01
    The White Stripes Pack 01
    The White Stripes Pack 02
    Thin Lizzy Pack 01
    Toby Keith Pack 01
    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live Anthology Pack 01
    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Live Anthology Pack 02
    Universal Motown Republic Rock Pack 01
    Warped Tour 2009 Pack 01
    Warped Tour 2009 Pack 02
    Weezer Pack 01
    Weezer Pack 02
    Weezer Pack 03
    Wolfmother Pack 01
    X Pack 01
    Yngwie Malmsteen Pack 01
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    And here are the singles for bands A through K:

    [B]3 Doors Down - "Kryptonite"
    3 Doors Down - "It's Not My Time"
    30 Seconds to Mars - "The Kill"
    30 Seconds to Mars - "Attack"
    30 Seconds to Mars - "This Is War"
    30 Seconds to Mars - "Kings and Queens"
    30 Seconds to Mars - "Closer to the Edge"
    A Day to Remember - "The Downfall of Us All"
    Ace Frehley - "Outer Space"
    AFI - "Miss Murder"
    AFI - "Love Like Winter"
    AFI - "Medicate"
    AFI - "Beautiful Thieves"
    AFI - "End Transmission"
    AFI - "The Leaving Song, Pt. II"
    Against Me! - "Stop!"
    Against Me! - "Thrash Unreal"
    Alan Jackson - "Good Time"
    Alanis Morissette - "Ironic"
    Alanis Morissette - "Head Over Feet"
    Alice Cooper - "Vengeance Is Mine"
    Alice Cooper - "Under My Wheels (Live)"
    Alice Cooper - "School's Out (Live)"
    Alice Cooper - "Poison"
    Alice Cooper - "I'm Eighteen (Live)"
    Alice Cooper - "Billion Dollar Babies (Live)"
    Alice In Chains - "Would?"
    Alice In Chains - "Rooster"
    Alice In Chains - "Check My Brain"
    Alice In Chains - "No Excuses"
    Alice In Chains - "A Looking in View"
    Alice In Chains - "Grind"
    Alice In Chains - "We Die Young"
    Alice In Chains - "Heaven Beside You"
    Alice In Chains - "Your Decision"
    Alice In Chains - "Last of My Kind"
    Alien Ant Farm - "Smooth Criminal"
    All That Remains - "Chiron"
    All That Remains - "This Calling"
    All That Remains - "Two Weeks"
    All Time Low - "Weightless"
    All-American Rejects - "Move Along"
    All-American Rejects - "Dirty Little Secret"
    All-American Rejects - "Real World"
    All-American Rejects - "Gives You Hell"
    Alphabeat - "Fascination"
    Anberlin - "Feel Good Drag"
    Angels & Airwaves - "It Hurts"
    Anthrax - "Indians"
    Anthrax - "Madhouse (Live)"
    Anthrax - "I'm the Man"
    Anthrax - "Among the Living"
    Anthrax - "Metal Thrashing Mad (Live)"
    Anvil - "Metal on Metal"
    Anvil - "666"
    Anvil - "This Is Thirteen"
    At the Gates - "Blinded By Fear"
    Atreyu - "Co n Nails"
    Audioslave - "Gasoline"
    Avenged Sevenfold - "Afterlife"
    Avenged Sevenfold - "Critical Acclaim"
    Avenged Sevenfold - "Bat Country"
    Avenged Sevenfold - "Nightmare"
    Avenged Sevenfold - "Seize the Day"
    Avenged Sevenfold - "Scream"
    Average White Band - "Pick Up the Pieces"
    Bad Religion - "Sorrow"
    Bad Religion - "21st Century (Digital Boy)"
    Bad Religion - "No Control"
    Bad Religion - "New Dark Ages"
    Bang Camaro - "Rock Rebellion"
    Barenaked Ladies - "Hanukkah Blessings"
    Behemoth - "Conquer All"
    Belly - "Feed the Tree"
    Ben Harper and Relentless7 - "Shimmer & Shine"
    Big Dipper - "All Going Out Together"
    Big Dipper - "She's Fetching"
    Big Dipper - "Younger Bums"
    Billy Idol - "Rebel Yell"
    Billy Idol - "Mony Mony"
    Billy Squier - "Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You"
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Weapon of Choice"
    Black Sabbath - "N.I.B."
    Black Sabbath - "Sweet Leaf"
    Black Sabbath - "War Pigs"
    Black Tide - "Shockwave"
    Black Tide - "Warriors of Time"
    Black Tide - "Show Me the Way"
    Blind Melon - "No Rain"
    Blink-182 - "All the Small Things"
    Blink-182 - "Dammit"
    Blink-182 - "Down"
    Blink-182 - "Feeling This"
    Blink-182 - "The Rock Show"
    Blink-182 - "What's My Age Again?"
    Blink-182 - "Adam's Song"
    Blink-182 - "First Date"
    Blink-182 - "I Miss You"
    Blondie - "Call Me"
    Blondie - "Hanging on the Telephone"
    Blondie - "Rapture"
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    And here are the singles for bands L through S:

    [B]L7 - "Andres"
    La Roux - "Bulletproof"
    Lacuna Coil - "Closer"
    Lacuna Coil - "Swamped"
    Lady Antebellum - "Lookin' for a Good Time"
    Lady Gaga - "Poker Face"
    Lady Gaga - "Bad Romance"
    Lady Gaga - "Monster"
    Lady Gaga - "Just Dance"
    Lamb of God - "Laid to Rest"
    Laura Bell Bundy - "Rebound"
    Lenny Kravitz - "Let Love Rule"
    Lenny Kravitz - "Freedom Train"
    Lenny Kravitz - "Are You Gonna Go My Way"
    Lenny Kravitz - "Mr. Cab Driver"
    Les Wampas - "Manu Chao"
    Lights Resolve - "Dreaming of Love"
    Limp Bizkit - "Build a Bridge"
    Little Fish - "Am I Crazy"
    Little Fish - "Bang Bang"
    Little Fish - "Darling Dear"
    Liz Phair - "Rock Me"
    Locksley - "All Over Again"
    Locksley - "Don't Make Me Wait"
    Locksley - "She Does"
    Lucinda Williams - "Can't Let Go"
    Luscious Jackson - "Naked Eye"
    Lush - "Sweetness and Light"
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Gimme Three Steps"
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Simple Man"
    Machine Head - "Aesthetics of Hate"
    Marilyn Manson - "Disposable Teens"
    Marilyn Manson - "The Dope Show"
    Maroon 5 - "Little of Your Time"
    Maroon 5 - "Makes Me Wonder"
    Maroon 5 - "Wake Up Call"
    Martina McBride - "This One's for the Girls"
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    And here are the singles for bands T through Z:

    T. Rex - "Bang a Gong"
    T. Rex - "Children of the Revolution"
    T. Rex - "Jeepster"
    T. Rex - "Cosmic Dancer"
    Taking Back Sunday - "What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?"
    Taking Back Sunday - "MakeDamnSure"
    Taking Back Sunday - "Liar (It Takes One to Know One)"
    Talking Heads - "Girlfriend Is Better"
    Talking Heads - "Take Me to the River"
    Talking Heads - "Once in a Lifetime"
    Talking Heads - "Crosseyed and Painless"
    Talking Heads - "And She Was"
    Tenacious D - "Tribute"
    Tenacious D - "Rock Your Socks"
    Tenacious D - "The Metal"
    Testament - "Electric Crown"
    Testament - "More Than Meets the Eye"
    The Allman Brothers Band - "Blue Sky"
    The Allman Brothers Band - "Midnight Rider"
    The B-52's - "Roam"
    The Band - "Chest Fever (Live)"
    The Bangles - "Walk Like an Egyptian"
    The Black Crowes - "Hard To Handle"
    The Black Dahlia Murder - "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse"
    The Black Keys - "Strange Times"
    The Black Keys - "I Got Mine"
    The Black Keys - "Your Touch"
    The Cab - "One of THOSE Nights"
    The Cars - "Just What I Needed"
    The Cars - "All Mixed Up"
    The Cars - "Bye Bye Love"
    The Cars - "Don't Cha Stop"
    The Cars - "Good Times Roll"
    The Cars - "I'm in Touch with Your World"
    The Cars - "Moving in Stereo"
    The Cars - "My Best Friend's Girl"
    The Cars - "You're All I've Got Tonight"
    The Chemical Brothers - "Let Forever Be"
    The Clash - "I Fought the Law"
    The Clash - "Complete Control"
    The Clash - "Train in Vain (Stand by Me)"
    The Cranberries - "Linger"
    The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary"
    The Damned - "Smash It Up (Part II)"
    The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - "Shhh...."
    The Dead Weather - "Hang You from the Heavens"
    The Dead Weather - "No Hassle Night"
    The Dead Weather - "Treat Me Like Your Mother"
    The Decemberists - "The Perfect Crime #2"
    The Devil Wears Prada - "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?"
    The Distillers - "Drain the Blood"
    The Doobie Brothers - "Long Train Runnin'"
    The Doobie Brothers - "Listen to the Music"
    The Fratellis - "Creepin' Up the Backstairs"
    The Fratellis - "Flathead"
    The Fratellis - "Henrietta"
    The Futureheads - "Decent Days and Nights"
    The Futureheads - "Hounds of Love"
    The Grateful Dead - "Casey Jones"
    The Grateful Dead - "China Cat Sunflower"
    The Grateful Dead - "Franklin's Tower"
    The Grateful Dead - "I Need A Miracle"
    The Grateful Dead - "Sugar Magnolia"
    The Grateful Dead - "Truckin'"
    The Grateful Dead - "Fire on the Mountain"
    The Grateful Dead - "Doin' That Rag"
    The Grateful Dead - "Cold Rain and Snow"
    The Grateful Dead - "Uncle John's Band"
    The Grateful Dead - "Hell in a Bucket"
    The Grateful Dead - "Don't Ease Me In"
    The Grateful Dead - "Beat It on Down the Line"
    The Grateful Dead - "Cumberland Blues"
    The Grateful Dead - "Scarlet Begonias"
    The Grateful Dead - "Throwing Stones"
    The Grateful Dead - "Touch of Grey"
    The Grateful Dead - "U.S. Blues"
    The Guess Who - "Hand Me Down World"
    The Guess Who - "No Time"
    The Haunted - "D.O.A."
    The Hives - "Die, All Right!"
    The Jackson 5 - "ABC"
    The Jam - "Going Underground"
    The Jam - "Town Called Malice"
    The Janitors - "Get Your Rock On"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Up from the Skies"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Spanish Castle Magic"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Wait Until Tomorrow"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Ain't No Telling"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Little Wing"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "If 6 Was 9"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "You Got Me Floatin'"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Castles Made of Sand"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "She's So Fine"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "One Rainy Wish"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Little Miss Lover"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Bold as Love"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Purple Haze"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Manic Depression"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Love or Confusion"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "May This Be Love"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "The Wind Cries Mary"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Are You Experienced?"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Highway Chile"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "3rd Stone from the Sun"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Foxey Lady"
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - "Hey Joe (Live)"
    The Killers - "Mr. Brightside"
    The Killers - "Smile Like You Mean It"
    The Killers - "Spaceman"
    The Knack - "My Sharona"
    The Material - "Moving to Seattle"
    The Monkees - "Last Train to Clarksville"
    The Mother Hips - "Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear"
    The Mother Hips - "Red Tandy"
    The Mother Hips - "Third Floor Story"
    The Mother Hips - "White Falcon Fuzz"
    The Myriad - "A Clean Shot"
    The Naked Brothers Band - "I Don't Want to Go to School"
    The Naked Brothers Band - "Body I Occupy"
    The New Pornographers - "All the Things That Go to Make Heaven and Earth"
    The New Pornographers - "Use It"
    The Offspring - "Hammerhead"
    The Offspring - "Gone Away"
    The Offspring - "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)"
    The Offspring - "Self Esteem"
    The Offspring - "All I Want"
    The Offspring - "The Kids Aren't Alright"
    The Offspring - "A Lot Like Me"
    The Police - "Synchronicity II"
    The Police - "Roxanne"
    The Police - "Can't Stand Losing You"
    The Police - "Truth Hits Everybody"
    The Police - "Message in a Bottle"
    The Police - "Walking on the Moon"
    The Presidents of the United States of America - "Dune Buggy"
    The Presidents of the United States of America - "Feather Pluckn"
    The Presidents of the United States of America - "Ladybug"
    The Pretenders - "Brass In Pocket"
    The Pretenders - "Blue Christmas"
    The Pretenders - "Precious"
    The Psychedelic Furs - "Pretty in Pink"
    The Psychedelic Furs - "Love My Way"
    The Psychedelic Furs - "Sister Europe"
    The Raconteurs - "Steady, As She Goes"
    The Raconteurs - "Salute Your Solution"
    The Raconteurs - "Many Shades of Black"
    The Replacements - "Kids Don't Follow"
    The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb"
    The Shins - "New Slang"
    The Smithereens - "A Girl Like You"
    The Smithereens - "Only a Memory"
    The Smiths - "This Charming Man"
    The Sounds - "Song with a Mission"
    The Stone Roses - "Love Spreads"
    The Stooges - "No Fun"
    The Stooges - "1969"
    The Stooges - "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
    The Subways - "Rock & Roll Queen"
    The Subways - "Oh Yeah"
    The Used - "Blood on My Hands"
    The Used - "Born to Quit"
    The Used - "The Taste of Ink"
    The Veer Union - "Seasons"
    The Vines - "Get Out"
    The Vines - "He's a Rocker"
    The Vines - "Orange Amber"
    The Vines - "Outtathaway"
    The Vines - "Ride"
    The Von Bondies - "C'mon C'mon"
    The White Stripes - "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine"
    The White Stripes - "Icky Thump"
    The White Stripes - "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground"
    The White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army"
    The White Stripes - "Fell in Love with a Girl"
    The White Stripes - "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)"
    The Who - "Baba O'Riley"
    The Who - "My Generation (Live at Leeds)"
    The Who - "Summertime Blues (Live at Leeds)"
    The Who - "Young Man Blues (Live at Leeds)"
    The Who - "Amazing Journey"
    The Who - "Behind Blue Eyes"
    The Who - "Eminence Front"
    The Who - "Going Mobile"
    The Who - "Leaving Here"
    The Who - "Real Good Looking Boy"
    The Who - "Sea and Sand"
    The Who - "Who Are You"
    The Who - "The Best of The Who Rock Band Edition"
    The Who - "Magic Bus (Live at Leeds)"
    The Who - "The Who Super Bowl S-mashup"
    The Zombies - "She's Not There"
    The Zombies - "Tell Her No"
    Them Crooked Vultures - "New Fang"
    Them Terribles - "Bullets & Guns"
    thenewno2 - "Yomp"
    Thin Lizzy - "Cowboy Song (Live)"
    Thin Lizzy - "The Boys Are Back in Town (Live)"
    Thin Lizzy - "Jailbreak (Live)"
    Thousand Foot Krutch - "Fire It Up"
    Thrice - "Image of the Invisible"
    Toby Keith - "Beer for My Horses"
    Toby Keith - "I Love This Bar"
    Toby Keith - "She's a Hottie"
    Toby Keith - "Should've Been a Cowboy"
    Toby Keith - "How Do You Like Me Now?!"
    Toby Keith - "Who's Your Daddy?"
    Tokio Hotel - "Monsoon"
    Tokio Hotel - "Ready, Set, Go!"
    Tom Petty - "I Won't Back Down"
    Tom Petty - "Runnin' Down a Dream"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Mary Jane's Last Dance (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Refugee (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Even the Losers (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Here Comes My Girl (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "American Girl (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "A Thing About You (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "A Woman in Love (It's Not Me) (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Breakdown (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Century City (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Jammin' Me (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "Nightwatchman (Live)"
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - "The Waiting (Live)"
    Trace Adkins - "Swing"
    Trapt - "Who's Going Home with You Tonight?"
    Trust Company - "Downfall"
    Turbonegro - "Wasted Again"
    TV on the Radio - "Wolf Like Me"
    Underoath - "Reinventing Your Exit"
    Underoath - "Writing on the Walls"
    Various Artists - "Rock Band Network Megamix 01"
    Vesuvius - "Promised Land"
    Violent Femmes - "American Music"
    We Are The Fallen - "Bury Me Alive"
    Weezer - "Buddy Holly"
    Weezer - "El Scorcho"
    Weezer - "Dreamin'"
    Weezer - "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived"
    Weezer - "Troublemaker"
    Weezer - "My Name Is Jonas"
    Weezer - "Pork and Beans"
    Weezer - "Undone - "The Sweater Song"
    Weezer - "Let It All Hang Out"
    Weezer - "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"
    Weezer - "Beverly Hills"
    White Zombie - "Black Sunshine"
    White Zombie - "More Human Than Human"
    Whitechapel - "This Is Exile"
    Willie Nelson - "On the Road Again"
    Wolfmother - "Joker & The Thief"
    Wolfmother - "Woman"
    Wolfmother - "Sundial"
    Wolfmother - "Pilgrim"
    Wolfmother - "White Unicorn"
    Wolfmother - "New Moon Rising"
    X - "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts"
    X - "Blue Spark"
    X - "The Hungry Wolf"
    X - "Los Angeles"
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Date with the Night"
    Yellowcard - "Ocean Avenue"
    Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - "Damnation Game"
    Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - "Caprici di Diablo"
    Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force - "Red Devil"
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