Who are your Yes favourites?

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Just pick your favourite name from each list. It doesn't have to be the 'longest serving' or the 'most worthy', just your favourite. You can add an explanation if you so wish. [note: I have only included the key players - it's not an exhaustive survey]

Singer: Anderson, Horn, Rabin
Guitar: Banks, Howe, Rabin
Keyboard: Kaye, Wakeman, Moraz, Downes
Drums: Bruford, White

Let's take Squire as a given, eh? --- although if anyone has any other suggestions!


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    Remember that Tony Levin was also a session bassist for Yes - although his involvement is limited enough that it probably doesn't count for much (despite, IMO, being the better bassist).

    Of the others...
    Vocals: Anderson
    Guitar: Howe
    Keyboard: Kaye
    Drums: Bruford
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