Looking for RB3-players to compare score with (not looking for bandmates)

OnlyMeOnlyMe Unsigned
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Hi Peeps,

As stated above, I'm not looking for on line players. Just looking to add some RB3-players to my friendlist. At the moment only 1 friend of mine plays RB3. So after playing a song I always get the 'you beat X's score' or 'Get xx points more to beat X's score.' I very much like that competition side of the game, but only having X gets a bit boring. I would like some Y's, Z's and every other letter of the alphabet to compare with :)

So if you don't mind having someone in your friendlist who isn't an active on line player, please add me. My PSN is US_OnlyMe

I usually play Expert bass, but doodle around with Hard Guitar and Hard Keys as well.

Tanks in advance.


  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    Just my way of seeing things, I'm a very competitive player, but I use leaderboards to do this, not my friendlist, even tho sometimes it does feel good when you beat your whole list :P, but it does feel even better when beating the whole world.
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