Rock Band Network Keyboard Suggestions Based On What I Like

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Just looking for suggestions...
I love songs with chords (think Captain Jack's three chord notes, Private Eyes, or even Under a Raging Moon)

This is for Pro Keys, and I'm on Xbox.

Thanks for all that submit suggestions! :D


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    Lets see... chords...

    Pac-Man Fever by Buckner and Garcia comes to mind
    Mystery Train by Jerry Naylor I think
    These City Lights by Rose of Jericho has a crazy 4 note chord fest near the end (or was it Midnight Eyes?)

    That's all I can think of right now.
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    Chords on RBN keys? Oh what a most splendid joke (or in other words I have no idea but I will mention it if something comes to mind)
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    A Silent Film - You Will Leave a Mark
    Jonathan Coulton - Good Morning Tucson
    An Unkindess - A Death
    Amberian Dawn - Come Now Follow
    Amberian Dawn - Sampo
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    In addition...
    All of these aren't necessarily just pounding chords. And I could be wrong on some of these because I've only played a few recently.

    an Unkindness- Words cannot express (really easy)
    Weeping Buddhas- Sweet Rain
    Small room 9- Paging Ground Control
    Daryle Stephen Ackerman- Sarah
    Superseed- Play Around
    The Trews- Hope & Ruin
    Bloom- Fight For Greatness
    Danny & the Lost Souls- Soul Candy
    Jukebox the Ghost- Stars or Empire I think??
    Look Left- Top
    A Talking Fish- Cheesy Pop Song
    bretalfloss- This is the album... (really hard)
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    IIICCIII;4880488 said:

    Jukebox the Ghost- Stars or Empire I think??

    Speaking of them, if you're up for a challenging Pro Keys song, try So Let Us Create or Half Crazy. (Unless you want your fingers destroyed by the latter. :P)
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