How does scoring work in a Jackpot/Blast Note/Super Instrument combination?

iamchris4lifeiamchris4life Unsigned
edited September 2012 in Rock Band Blitz
1. Is the Super Instrument bonus included in notes that are blown up using a blast note? If so, is that bonus included under the Super Instrument or Blast Note score?

2. More specifically, what if Jackpot is also active in the case presented in #1? Whatever is earned from the blast note is added to my score right away, which makes me believe that I don't get the 3x bonus for the notes I blew up with a blast note. If I do get the 3x bonus, which of the three power-ups will that bonus be attributed to?

The answer to case #2 is critical in achieving high scores. I usually always make blast notes a priority, but if it turns out I don't get the 3x bonus by blowing notes up, I will have to change my play strategy quite a bit


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