New goals 9/18/12

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Community Goal - Let's All Play Boston songs! 100,000 stars are required. 2,500 coins is the prize.

Easy '80s Earn 12 stars on any '80s songs. (1,000 coins)

Free DLC Code Challenge Earn 30 stars on any Rock Band Blitz songs, and get a free DLC code (as well as 2,500 coins). 2000 winners for Xbox, 500 for PS3.

Rock Band 1 Throwback Challenge Earn five stars (it says five as of this typing) on all 42 songs that exported from the original Rock Band. (10,000 coins)

Screaming for Vengeance Play through the album. (3,500 coins)

The Country Classics Jamboree Earn gold stars Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again", Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried", Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues", and Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" Can only be attempted solo. (5,000 coins)

Medium No Doubt Earn 30 stars on any No Doubt songs. (2,000 coins)

Medium The Who (how did they not start with this one?) Earn 30 stars on any The Who songs. (2,000 coins)

Scavenger Hunt - Police and Thieves Copy-and-pasting:
When they're not scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition, Police and Thieves are populating this Scavenger Hunt!
Four mystery songs. 3,000 coins.


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