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So I bought rock band 1 & 2 and I exported rock band 1 songs just fine and when I came here to look up how to do it for 2 I see I have to have rock band 3. My question is, is there an alternate way to do it or did I waste my money? I guess if I wasted my money one of my friends will be happy to get a new copy of rock band 2 lol.


  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    you need a copy of rb3 to export it. but before you give your rb2 away, you can first use the code that comes with RB2 to get 20 free songs (just put in that code in the marketplace i think it was? not sure)
    also, you can always borrow an RB3 , export, and return the RB3. you just need a copy of rb3 to export the RB2 tracks. it doesnt have to be new or anything.

    maybe even buy RB3, export and then trade it in again for a different game.
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    Okay thanks for the clarification. The sad thing is nobody I know owns rock band 3 and no stores around me have any copy's. I don't own any instruments just blitz so it's useless to me now. ugh what a waste.
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    If you're on Xbox, just buy 3 for $20 off the Marketplace.
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    Sadly I only have a ps3.
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    It's believed that on PS3 you don't need RB3 anyway. On PS3 you enter the RB2 manual code on the export-RB2 page here, it gives you a code, and you can enter that code in the PS store directly and download the export pack.

    It's only on the Xbox that this doesn't work (because there's no go-between site on Xbox, and the code on the manual is strictly tied to the RB2 20-pack).

    *I believe all of the above to be accurate, but I'm not willing to pay for a copy of RB3 for you if it proves to be inaccurate.
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    Yeah I put the same code I used for the free 20 pack into the web thingy here for the RB2 export so unless they changed that it should work.
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