Anyone want to play rb2 with me?

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For a while now me and my bro have been playing a world tour in rb2. Very fun. But just stuck with us 2 for now and I find it impossible to find anyone else when I search for more players.

One thing to make clear though, we don't have any of our dlc for the time being. My dad put the console we use most often in the pawn shop and somehow all our share slots are used :(. rather unfortunate.

So for anyone who wouldn't mind just jamming out to the old rb2 disc songs in expert world tour just send me a friend request at psn id banewolf0420.

Be sure to state in the request that it's for the post on these forums, or it will probably just be ignored.


  • ReptilioReptilio Unsigned
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    ive just added you im Alex
  • DaneWolFDaneWolF Opening Act
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    Alright. I'll have you added either later tonight or tomorrow morning. n00bsterAndrew sent me a request today. But we weren't able to connect to eachother. We opened some ports, I know it helped on my end cause I actually found some randoms lol.

    The psn listed is actually my bros account. My original psn is dungeon7 but dont really wanna play on that till I get the other console out of the pawn shop.

    :) how bout a video of me with a FB gold starring Battery in my online tour band:

    Recorded by my friend okpeeps on drums. One of the many good performances I had with these guys.
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    If you're not able to connect, both or you should try this: find a good DNS sever (use google), Disable UPnP, and find the right MTU setting (''ping -l 1500'' in windows command prompt, lower the number untill you get a reply, and the number will be your MTU setting), Since I dud that I have no problem whatsoever.
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