Accessing Rock Band World Requests on Facebook

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So in the top right hand corner of Facebook under where it tells me how many events I have this week there is also a line that says: "3 Rock Band World Requests." If I click it it takes me into the app but I can't actually see any requests on any of the tabs. I've joined some goals that I have completed so I don't think its that. And I have some friends but they are all XBox and I'm PS3 so we can't challenge each other. Any one else have this issue? Or have any idea what I'm missing?

I'm super anal about checklists so a notification of 3 things I can't clear is kind of making me insane o_0


  • Skippy DeluxeSkippy Deluxe Unsigned
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    Yes, RBW 'requests' are actually notifications you receive when you finish goals. And you can clear them. Either click on the 'goal finished' link that will appear on your RBW home page, or go to the 'Requests' section of the Facebook App Center. But yes, it is confusing.
  • toastedspleentoastedspleen Unsigned
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    I accepted all three from the app already and can't seem them in notifications in either place. Though I also don't see accepting them in my activity log so it must be in some weird state.
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