New goals 10/2/12

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Back by popular demand!

Community Goal: Let's All Play Pop-Rock Songs! - Just like last week with the Prog. 100,000 stars, 3500 coins.

Easy '00s - Earn 12 stars on any '00s songs. (1,000 coins)

Medium The Offspring - Earn 30 stars on any Offspring songs. (2,500 coins)

Medium The Police - Earn 30 stars on any Police songs. (2,500 coins)

Scavenger Hunt: Rock Band Hospital
We've opened up Rock Band Hospital but are missing some pretty key components for it to run smoothly! Help us out, won't you? (group size up to 3 players)
Five mystery songs, 3500 coins.

There are currently no new goals with a 'Hard' badge. I will update this thread if that changes.


Bandmate on the Run: Get 80,000 points with the Bandmate powerup on Paul McCartney & Wings' "Band on the Run." (3,000 coins)

Pinball Wizardry: Get 77,000 points with the Pinball powerup on The Who's "Pinball Wizard." (3,000 coins)

Cherry Shockwaves: Get 50,000 points with the Shockwave powerup on Deftones' "Cherry Waves." (3,000 coins)

Message in a Bottle Rocket: Get 45,000 points with the Bottle Rocket powerup on The Police's "Message in a Bottle." (3,000 coins)


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