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schoenpebbleschoenpebble Unsigned
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Willing to jam with players not content on fingerbusters every song, I play expert level on all instruments. Looking for polite social minded people to jam with frequently. Add me , i currently have a library of 730+ songs, big fan of 70's thru 90's music. my PSN name is the same as you see it here. Peace


  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    How many with keys and/or pro upgrades? Do you have a DLCQP account so we can compare our library?
  • schoenpebbleschoenpebble Unsigned
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    never really counted how many of my dlc is has keys, i would say 100-200 range, no i don't have a DLCQP account, don't trust those sites, but i do enjoy what keys bring to the game, and have played quite a few on the guitar haha, never got a good grasp on the actual keyboard.
  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    Don't trust? I don't know how you can't ''trust'' a website designed to see what DLC people has. Also, would really be nice to see which one with keys you have, because sadly, alot of keys parts aren't really worth playing :| Also, you din't answered at the pro upgrades question.
  • Red_HotRed_Hot Unsigned
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    hiya pebble :) I play just about every day. Hours depend on my work schedule. I shall be on aaaaaaaaaaaaaall weekend. I've only had RB3 + Fender Stratocaster Guitar for 2 wks, love playing base currently on medium for online but started with hard offline. Also just got myself a new MUSTANG PRO GUITAR, OMG ! that'll take some learning lol I only have 18 DLCs ATM :( should be getting about £50 ($75) more this weekend :D looking for mature peeps who are here to have fun rather than serious play. Have a mic so can chat/play too :) I'll add you on my PSN, hope my lack of experience/DLC isn't a problem :)
  • TheBonobo4TheBonobo4 Road Warrior
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    Hey. Add me. PSN TheBonobo4, I play Guitar and Bass on Expert. :)

    I have all discs except GD and ACDC, and around 100DLCs plus the free songs, making around 400 songs in total. I'm in UK, GMT.
  • SoulshaderSoulshader Unsigned
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    You can add me also. I play guitar or bass on expert. I have 1200 plus songs. PSN ID is Soulshader.
  • rumdom79rumdom79 Unsigned
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    You can add me. I play guitar/bass expert. I have about 700+ songs. My pns id is rumdom79
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