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A brief summary of their positions on the critical issues below in debate format:
Witticus;4894320 said:
If I were elected president of these forums. I promise a truncated icosahedrachicken in every pot. Not one of those sissy hexachickens.
Witticus;4894327 said:
I will publish my position manifesto if elected. Then all you boys can have confidence in yourselves until you realize most of them require dislocated vertebra.
Witticus;4894339 said:
If you elect me as president I promise a gun with one bullet to all my constituents. These are freedom guns and they guarantee amnesty once. Aim wisely.
Lawdog1521;4894352 said:
I like this voucher system. You get health care and if you use it three times you get free fries with it.
Witticus;4894356 said:
In the Witticus system you get strikes!
firedoom666;4894366 said:
Witticus what is you stance on ponies? this might sway my vote
Lawdog1521;4894358 said:
Grandma Lorraine, don't take this personally, but go **** yourself.

(I get mean on white wine)
Lawdog1521;4894372 said:
Witticus;4894374 said:
Ponies are our friends, but not with benefits. You may ride them on top but never behind, and especially never underneath.
jibjqrkl;4894387 said:
do i care about anything you say?
no i don't thanks so please stay away from this thread please :/

also, my stance on pizza: i'll allow it
Witticus;4894391 said:
Yes with my 3 strike healthcare policy, you are only allowed to be treated for the same disease 3 times before being declined services. Keeps health care costs low and repeat offenders out of the system.

This message sponsored by Witticus Funeral Services.
You got a stiff one, we'll bury it deep.
Lawdog1521;4894399 said:
I have deer coming up and taking apples from my tree. Nature loves me.

Witticus will dump radio active waste on baby seals.

Vote Lawdog.
jibjqrkl;4894403 said:
I promise free air for everyone!
Witticus;4894405 said:
Seriously, how are we supposed to protect them without giving them super powers!? I can't be there every second to snipe every Canadian with a club I see! The rest is up to them.

Vote Witticus vote faster evolution!
Lawdog1521;4894406 said:
I will double the salt and triple the vinegar.

Vote Lawdog.
jibjqrkl;4894412 said:
new plan, Vote for me and i won't do anything.

i'm lazy, you guys are lazy. so why would we want to do anything?!
Lawdog1521;4894414 said:
In a recent article it was revealed that Jibs finds Hitler "kind of cute"

Vote Lawdog.
Hogan2000;4894416 said:
I have to tax your 3% of each break you take bruther. Now aren't I given you a good deal dude?
dragoninforcer;4894420 said:
Okay fine you win. Xzibit doesn't stand a chance.

Also, vote DI. DI do or die.

I prefer Sour Cream & Onion.
Lawdog1521;4894425 said:
Witticus posted this from his klan meeting.

Vote Lawdog.
Witticus;4894417 said:
jibjqrkl;4894427 said:
he has his moments >_>
Witticus;4894428 said:
Remember everyone I was the one that found the flaw in the image system on the site and got Clapton banned.

Vote Witticus I'll get us all banned!
Hogan2000;4894429 said:
True bruther but Lawdog secretly likes cats dude. Vot JIBS!!!! 2013
dragoninforcer;4894430 said:
Lawdog eats his own feces and smells the rear ends of fellow canines.

Vote DI.
Lawdog1521;4894433 said:
Me liking cats is a viscous lie perpetrated by my opponents.
firedoom666;4894434 said:
Ok DI the people must know... your views on Spontaneous Combustion?
Witticus;4894436 said:
Lawdog has communist allegiance.

Edit: Crap wrong photo, don't look don't look!!!
Hogan2000;4894437 said:
bruthers bruthers bruthers.

It's not what the country can do for you bruther. It's what you can do for your country.

Lawdog1521;4894439 said:
DragonInforcer has never enforced a dragon. In fact, he's dragon optional.

Vote Lawdog.
dragoninforcer;4894440 said:
Well, I believe that Sponta--*explodes*

My fellow WAYDRN's....the accusations against me are true. I have not enforced a dragon. I am sorry. But the fact you would point that out is just despicable.
Lawdog1521;4894444 said:
Witticus collects buttons.

Vote Lawdog.
Witticus;4894445 said:
Lawdog has never even once enforced any laws on dogs, not even the leash law. Don't be his b**** too.

Vote Witticus and restrain thy b****es.
Witticus;4894452 said:
I'm from Colorado and I deem it necessary.

A vote for Witticus is a vote for Colorado, haven't they suffered enough. Vote Witticus and all his victims can rest happy!
dragoninforcer;4894453 said:
I before E, except after C, or when there's an "aye", like neighbor or weigh.

Vote DI.
jibjqrkl;4894455 said:


beat that
Hogan2000;4894458 said:
I voting for DOC!!!!!!!! bruther. He has leadership dude. He knows how to talk in circles dude and most of all, he smells like Tuna bruther.

Vote DOC
dragoninforcer;4894459 said:
No, Beat It. You can't even get the lyrics right.

Vote DI.
Lawdog1521;4894460 said:
If elected, I will provide chocolate cake for everyone on earth. Martians will need to fend for themselves.
Lawdog1521;4894468 said:
If elected I will close all schools. Anything worth learning can be learned by TV or porn sites.

Vote Lawdog.
Witticus;4894469 said:
Looks like Hogan is out of the race and has lead his support to Doc. Doc treats this forum like I treat my children, he's never around.

Vote Witticus if you want guidance with much more reckless abandon!!!
nascargo19;4894470 said:
Dale Earnhardt Jr. for president!!!

lol jk
Lawdog1521;4894473 said:
Sure, if you want to turn left for the next four years.

Vote Lawdog, he's Formula 1. Because in life the road goes all over the place.
firedoom666;4894474 said:
oh if we are adding random non-forum members...

my vote goes to Twilight Sparkle
Hogan2000;4894477 said:
Vote for me bruther and recieve one free watermelon dude.

Witticus gets the bill bruther. Sorry dude. Someone has to pay for it bruther.
jibjqrkl;4894482 said:
a sparkly guy from twilight isn't the same

also, vote for me and get a free cookie!
only 3 cookies available, i will probably have already eaten them before the votes are counted
nascargo19;4894484 said:
I don't think I would actually vote for Dale Jr. Danica Patrick would be much better. Cann you imagine the speeches?

"The debt was never quite where I wanted it but we really learned a lot today."
jibjqrkl;4894489 said:
nah, i got chewbacca for that.

Zombie Hitler would be in charge of everything relating to the number 9
Lawdog1521;4894490 said:
Lawdog is a drunken reprobate.

Vote Lawdog.
Witticus;4894492 said:
I've narrowed down my short list of vice presidential candidates and I'd like to know if these will sway your votes to me hot and hard.

First up he's been that lovable void in your life since you were born, give it up for ghetto spongebob!!!

My second fellow I'd like you to meet was declined for the my little pony tv series, but he refuses to be declined by love. Brown Sparkle

If you think I'm racist, then you haven't met my other pick. Afro Wizard

Voting Witticus keeps one of these off the street. If not, they're all coming for you.
jibjqrkl;4894498 said:
If you vote for me, then you don't vote for any of the other guys!

Witticus;4894501 said:
Jibs join my platform and we can rule the world!!! You popped me this morning, you owe me!!!
Lawdog1521;4894503 said:
My running mate will pound the snot out of you if you don't vote for me.

Vote Lawdog.
jibjqrkl;4894504 said:

1 of those moments

and i am always drunk and pretty!

and i'm holding an axe!

what could go wrong!
*randomly starts swinging axe around*
GNFfhqwhgads;4894505 said:
What's your policy on pretending to throw the ball?
Lawdog1521;4894509 said:
My running mate will throw you.
Witticus;4894510 said:
nascargo19;4894511 said:
Lawdog1521;4894512 said:
You sir, are anti-gorilla. My running mate knows where you live and will be there shortly.
Lawdog1521;4894514 said:
Wouldn't you be Chuck's running mate? Chuck is second to no one.
jibjqrkl;4894516 said:
I got the old spice guy as my running mate
Witticus;4894517 said:
GNFfhqwhgads;4894519 said:
I'd vote for jibs/Hitler well before you.
Witticus;4894522 said:
In preparation for the event I have already created my own currency. These were normally prizes to my child fighters, but with a whole country soon, they might have a much more forced mass appeal.
jibjqrkl;4894524 said:
good enough for me!
here, have a free toy!
Lawdog1521;4894526 said:
Witticus's money frightens old people, like Grandma Lorriane.

Vote Lawdog.
nascargo19;4894528 said:
My currency will be Monopoly money.
Lawdog1521;4894530 said:
If elected Lawdog would prevent both Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper from being leading men ever agin in films.
jibjqrkl;4894531 said:
My currency will be making sweet love!

unless you're ugly, then you need diamonds >_>


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