Jibs can fc everything?

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because i'm bored and can never pick a song i thought i might as well make a game out of it!

Simply said, you guys give me songs and i will FC them on at least 1 instrument.
the instruments i play currently are Guitar, Bass, Pro-drums and keys(on guitar)

in this little game i will get "points" for every FC i get, based on the number of parts in the song. the easiest will always be 1 point, the second easiest 2 etc. etc.

I do already have to have the songs though because money issues. here's a list:

now give me some songs :D

FC's done in this game:
"Drug Against War" - KMFDM on Bass(1 point, tier 4 song)
"Dawn Of A Million Souls"- Ayreon on Bass and drums (1+2 points)
"Still of the Night" - Whitesnake on Keys and Bass (2+3 points respectively, both tier 5)
"Sin Wagon" - Dixie Chicks on Bass (1 point, tier 2?)
"TTFAF" dragonforce bass + keys (1+2 points)
2112 - Rush bass (1 point)

total amount of points:14

To Do List:

Having trouble with:
"dawn of a million souls"
Guitar: grind that solo for days

"Sin Wagon" Drums, just needs some grinding and a bit of luck

"Still of the Night" Drums, God i hate cymbal rolls/fills things.

Nickelback - "This Means War"
I Like Trains
Still Of the night Guitar.
Random Stats!
songs with 1 FC : 3
Songs with 2 FC's: 3
Songs with 3 FC's: 0
Songs with 4 FC's: 0

Average amount of FC's per song: 1.5

Songs FC'ed out of total: 6 / 1.308

Hardest FC (IMO) so far: Still of the Night - Whitesnake on Keys (basically pretty much the same as bass but with those weird keys chords)

Most FC's gotten on: Bass


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