The Ballad of Scott87

WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
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My Type A personality makes me want to seek out and destroy those that are better than me. So in our election I naturally had to set my sights on the appearance of a phantom known only as Scott87. He appeared with 666 votes as compared to my 8 and naturally I knew I must exploit my new enemy.

Having been tipped off by bigmf that Scott87 was in fact real at a time, I used my googling powers to track down his profile. The last anyone ever heard from him was way back in April 2009 when he was defending Sean Connery's Britishness.
Scott87;2329434 said:
Yeah he is...
He was a man of few words with most of his posts at about 4 words. So this is the archive to preserve and understand what we can about Scott87 so that I may one day be able to exploit any weaknesses I find.

You may sift through his post archive here

You may see his home here

Just what made him so special? We will uncover this mystery!!!


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