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Before I go on with this, yes, it is fake. But I've been reading a ton of video game creepypastas lately and I thought maybe I should make one for Rock Band 3.

With that in mind, enjoy...
I write this as I slowly lose grip on life. I can no longer tell what is real or what is make believe, because everything I see feels real. This is my warning for anyone on these forums that may run across a similar sequence of events as I have just last night.

So a few weeks ago, my Xbox red-ringed, and I needed a new one. But I could not afford to pay full-price for a brand new one, so I had to look on eBay. After some searching for some Xbox 360's, I found a sale that peaked my interest. It was not only an Xbox 360, but also every Guitar Hero and Rock Band game, instruments, a hard drive, which the owner claimed had his profile that he would no longer use and over 2,000 Rock Band/Guitar Hero DLC, and a few other games. The starting bid was $5. I was shocked at this, since no one had even dared to bid on it. I assumed that everyone thought that it may have been broken. But my brother knows how to fix any Xbox problem, even though at the time he refused to fix my current Xbox due to not having time.

So I bid $5, and went on my way to do other stuff on the web. A few days later, I had one the auction, and the next day the Xbox and all the items had arrived at my front door. I was actually quite surprised at the quality everything worked in. The instruments worked fine, and the Xbox was flawless. There were several games there, too, and even the hard drive had some downloaded games. The profile on the Hard Drive was called xXWatchxOutXx, which kinda made me scratch my head, but it worked great. It had just gotten a Gold renewal, so I could play online with any of the games he had. But the problem was, though, is that whenever I tried to get on an online game, everyone either quit or booted me. Maybe this guy had a bad reputation, I thought.

So I decided to play some Rock Band 3 solo, since I had already done so in the past. I went to the song selection screen, and it seemed a little odd. First off, there were some graphical errors, and the characters in the background did not animate at all. This creeped me the f*** out, but the thing that peaked my interest was the songs. There were several that I knew were not on Rock Band, including:

Emporer - I Am the Black Wizards
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By the Light
Miss May I - Our Kings
Slayer - Angel of Death
Sum 41 - The Bitter End

And a few hundred more, but I dare not look back. I first thought that these could be mere customs, but then I realized that this was the latest update of the game, which didn't allow customs. So I scratched my head a bit. I played a few of these songs, and they worked flawlessly. I remember Stairway being fun as hell. I scrolled through a few more songs until a strange song title came along. I say it's strange because it looked all glitched up, but I could still make out letters. The song seemed to be titled "Dcemonis Arbitrio Triumph" by a band called Nigro Anima. The song had no preview, and I noticed the difficulty tiers were glitched up. Album art was blank, not even a generic "Rock Band" logo. So I decided to try it, unaware of what I was getting into. I chose guitar, my instrument of choice, on Expert.

When the song loaded, I got the countdown marker that usually means that it's going to be a music video venue. But when the venue loaded, there were no characters, only a black background with a glowing pentagram. The song started with obvious guitar, but there were no notes charted. Then I heard a screech, accompanied by blasting drums and fast-strumming guitars. The song had no vocals, and there were still no guitar notes. The pentagram started growing brighter and brighter as the unbearable screech sound went on. I could also finally hear something that sounded like backmasked vocals.

Then the game just stopped, as if it crashed. All animation had ceased, and the sound was gone. I went to turn off the Xbox and sit down for a while, but as I reached for the power button, I heard the screech again, and the game slowly started animating again. The song started off in what sounded like slow motion, then speed up as the pentagram got so bright that it's color invaded the screen. The screech got even higher and more headache inducing. After about three minutes of godawful pain, the TV went off. The Xbox had turned itself off. I figured I should go to bed. Maybe it would help, I though.

I don't remember that night at all, but as I woke up, I saw my TV was on, with the game running again, at the main menu. I knew better than to tamper with it, knowing what happened last time, but I decided to try again. I went to the song selection screen, and I stared in horror as I saw that there was only one song:

Nigro Anima - Dcemonis Arbitrio Triumph

I went to turn off the system, and the screech came back. It was louder and more painful than ever. I laid on the floor, hands to my ears, and could only look at the screen. Fading in was what looked like a pentagram with a goat's head, with bloody text saying:

"Nunc *** daemone."

I had finally built up the strength to turn off the Xbox for good. I smashed it in hopes that the nightmare would end, and I could walk away freely.

But it had just begun.

I looked down on the floor, and I noticed a burned black pentagram, with a goat's head in the center, with the beard pointing towards my door. So I went there, and as I opened, there lay piles of dead bodies. In horror, I closed the door and went to run away, only to find that all the doors were gone. At this point I only thought of one solution: to end myself.

But how could I? There were no windows in the room. I had then thought of a plan: I could simply smash my head into the television. At this point I was ready to try anything.

So I charged at the Television, but the pentagram had then appeared on the screen. I could hear voices in my head, and the screech getting louder.

In a panic, I picked up the guitar controller and tried to smash the screen, only for the instrument to break. It was at this point I had realized that I had no choice but to accept what was happening. I went to open the door again, but as I touched the knob, I could hear the voices of those outside. I opened the door and...

I woke up. It had only been a dream, or so I though. But as I arose from my bed this morning, I found the game on the main menu, with the Xbox intact. I could still hear a faint screech. I then turned the game off. Then it came back on, and I had then realized that my nightmare would never end.

So I type this now to warn you that inside this very game is something far more sinister, dark, and twisted than anything I've ever experienced. I still hear the voices of the ones outside my door, and the screech. When I close my eyes all I see is the glowing pentagram. I cannot escape my fate. I can only accept that I am a prison to a nefarious force for all of eternity.
Again, this is fake, but I felt like writting it anyway. I'm not saying it's any good, but I felt like writting it for funsies.

So what do you think?


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