DLC Week of 10/16 - Singles from Sheryl Crow, Save Ferris and Three Days Grace!

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Hey gang,

On October 16th, Save Ferris’ popular ska-infused cover of the 80s hit “Come on Eileen” hits the Rock Band Music Store, complete with an optional Pro Guitar and Pro Bass Upgrade. Sheryl Crow’s breakthrough hit “All I Wanna Do,” from the singer-songwriters 1993 debut Tuesday Night Music Club joins the Music Store, as well, along with Three Days Grace’s “Animal I Have Become,” from 2006’s One-X.

Additionally, Rock Band Blitz players who play any of these tracks will earn double coins for each play, as well as double coins for each time they play any Three Days Grace track!

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation®3 system (October 16th, 2012):

• Save Ferris – “Come on Eileen” O X
• Sheryl Crow – “All I Wanna Do” O
• Three Days Grace – “Animal I Have Become” O

(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation®3 system October 17th)

Tracks marked with “O” feature support for keyboards; tracks marked with “X” will offer Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.


$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points ™, 200 Wii Points™) per song
$0.99 USD (80 Microsoft Points™, 100 Wii Points™), £0.59 UK, €0.79 EU per song for eligible Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

To discuss this DLC please visit the official discussion thread in the Rock Band forum.

For all DLC song credits, including album and genre info as well as difficulty ratings, you can check out the Songs page.

And for awesome background information on this content, including recording details, album of origin, and release details you can head on over to the Rock Band 'Zine for brand new articles!


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    Here are the Rock Band Network tracks that hit Xbox 360 on Thursday, 10/11/2012:

    Indie Rock

    Quiet Company – “How Do You Do It?” (80 MSP)


    Emmure – “Cross Over Attack” (160 MSP)
    The Bunny The Bear – “Lonely” (160 MSP)


    [B]Sin Direcci
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    Here are your new Goals for Rock Band Blitz! Don't forget, many of these are playable in RB3 as well, so check in on Rock Band World for additional details.

    The Ooby Dooby Goal (Easy Goal)

    We all love this great Roy Orbison song, don't we? If you're one of those musical mavens who have downloaded this song, this goal is for you!

    Max Group Size: 1 Blitz Coin Reward: 3000

    Medium Reggae/Ska

    This goal is clearly an abuse of our Community Manager's power and love of Ska, but he's posting it anyway. Get 30 stars on Reggae/Ska songs!

    Max Group Size: 5 Blitz Coin Reward: 2500

    Medium Glam

    Come down from your satellite orbiting Mars and play this goal, space man! Get 30 stars on Glam songs!

    Max Group Size: 5 Blitz Coin Reward: 2500

    Sync 182 (Hard)

    Get 222,000 total points on Blink-182's "All the Small Things", "Dammit", and "What's My Age Again" with the Synchrony Power-Up to complete this goal!

    Max Group Size: 1 Blitz Coin Reward: 5000

    Blast Notes O'Reilly (Hard)

    Get 30000 points on The Who's "Baba O'Reilly" with the Blast Note Power-up to complete this goal!

    Max Group Size: 1 Blitz Coin Reward: 3000

    Take It On The Runaway Notes (Hard)

    Get 60000 points on REO Speedwagon's "Take It On The Run" with the Runaway Notes Power-up to complete this goal!

    Max Group Size: 1 Blitz Coin Reward: 3000

    Let's All Play Alternative Songs!

    You're not like everyone else. Show your uniqueness by banding together with thousands of other players to complete this Community Goal!

    Max Group Size: THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY Blitz Coin Reward: 3500

    Food Band (Scavenger Hunt)

    Upon first glance, I bet you think the Rock Band Library doesn't have that many songs related to food and/or drink. Upon second glance you realize that you're dead wrong! Pick out the 5 food-related songs we're munching on to complete this Scavenger Hunt! (hint: one involves an alcoholic beverage!)

    Max Group Size: 3 Blitz Coin Reward: 3500
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