New goals 10/9/12

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'bout time! :p

Community Goal: Let's All Play Punk Songs! - The stars required have been upped to 250,000, surely after last week's Pop-Rock goal was completed so lickety-split. 3,500 coins.

Easy '10s - Get 12 stars on any '10s songs. (1,000 coins)

The Colour and the Shape - Play through the album. (3,500 coins)

Medium Mötley Crüe - Earn 30 stars on any Mötley Crüe songs. (2,500 coins)

Medium Nine Inch Nails - Earn 30 stars on any Nine Inch Nails songs. (2,500 coins)

Scavenger Hunt: The Rock Band Arsenal -
Get in line, soldier, there's a war on! Load up your arsenal with the best weapons you can find! (group size up to 3 players)
Five mystery songs, 3,000 coins.


Captain Jackpot - Get 215,000 points on "Captain Jack" by Billy Joel with the Jackpot powerup. (3,000 coins)

Point Doubler of Know Return - Get 42,000 points on "Point of Know Return (Live)" by Kansas with the Point Doubler powerup. (3,000 coins)

Through the Fire and Flame Notes we all knew this one was coming - Get 100,000 points with Flame Notes on TTFAF.

Road Rage Blues - Get 55,000 points on "Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors with the Road Rage powerup. (3,000 coins)


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