songs currently unavailable (belgium)

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hi guys

yesterday i bought RB3 and i wanted to download some songs but a lot of them are 'currently unavailable' :(
what's the reason that i can't download them?



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    Belgium might not get RBN songs. Make a US account with a random hotel address and go through that.
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    longer explanation:
    some countries can't get RBN songs. The countries that can get them are: US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and Singapore

    there are still ways to get them as Fhq already mentioned, simply make an extra account from one of those countries.
    now you can make the US one, but you also need to get US points because EU points don't work on that. (everything else will still work, EU games etc.)

    However if you make an Italian, UK, or German etc. account, you can just use MSP bought in Belgium.

    US microsoft points are pretty easy to get online, but whatever works for you ;)

    Few things when downloading on a secondary profile:
    1. you do not have to be signed in on your secondary profile in order to play these songs, as long as they were downloaded originally on the xbox you're now playing on. (as in, you can download them on that profile, then sign that profile out and start playing them on your main profile)

    2. if you're playing them on a different xbox than on which you originally downloaded them, then you have to be signed into that account and connected to xbox live.

    3. in case you downloaded songs on another xbox and want them to be playable without signing in on the xbox you are on now. you can do a license transfer in the xbox dashboard. Note that this can only be done a few times a year, and that you have to redownload everything you've downloaded on that account (although it only needs to re-verify them, so each download will only take 1 second instead of the full file)
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